Friday, May 01, 2009

The Middle

Hope everyone had a good Beltane, and hope you have a good May Day. Beltane is the symbolic marriage of the goddess and the god in some paths. May you find the goddess or the god of your heart, and may the path you walk together take you to new lives of prosperity and happiness, and all that good shit. Let nothing stand between you and nothing tear you apart. Well, unless you just decide to call it quits for whatever reason, but that's a different story all together.

Hope you like the song. It seems to fit with the Sabbat in an odd sort of way. Remember, we are all social animals, but we're also individuals as well. Running with the crowd is only good to a point. After a while it smells like dead moose.


Renegade Eye said...

Minneapolis on the first Sunday of May, for the last some 35 years, has a real Mayday, with political tables, pagans, music, crafts a parade etc. The theater that puts it on, spends $260,000 to present it. They are a puppet theater with 20 foot puppets. Their show is on a body of water.

Renegade Eye said...

See this.

The Pagan Temple said...

Sounds like fun. I could do without the political stuff for a day like that, but I'd probably go just to laugh at them. May Day is a day for the pulling of pranks, and who better to prank than a bunch of sour puss political activists?

Overall, it looks like Minneapolis has its own unique take on the day. The puppet theater looks like fun. I wonder why more cities don't have May Day festivities and parades. Well, maybe some do, they just don't get the media coverage like Saint Patrick's Day and others. I didn't know about this one either.

Most people nowadays think of May Day as a communist holiday. I saved the link. Next year, if I'm still blogging, I'll be sure and include this in the series, assuming I'm still doing that too.