Monday, April 19, 2010

Rules For Radicals

Bill Clinton has been warning us that the Tea-Party movement and anti-government rhetoric could lead to another Oklahoma City bombing, the fifteenth anniversary of which is today.

However, the Soccer Dad points out that this is a typical Clintonian tactic, one that he polished during his presidency at the instigation of then adviser Dick Morris.

It's pretty ingenious. Use government to enact an intrusive law-the example from the Clinton presidency and which is enumerated in the link is the Brady Bill-and then when conservatives rail to their Republican representatives, use this to paint the Republican Party as inciting or encouraging potential violence. If you have an actual example of violence, so much the better. You have a precedent to point towards.

It never seems to occur to Democrats and leftists that if they would just stop using the federal government as a tool to intrude in practically every area of American life, there would not be nearly as much chance of violent upheaval. Or I guess they just don't want most Americans to realize that.

Nor does it seem to occur to anybody that the vast majority of politically motivated violence that occurs in the US is from the Left. Here's an example that occurred recently in California, when leftists attacked a legal demonstration of national socialists. Yes, they were Nazis, and as such, given their inherent disloyalty to the Constitution, they should not have been allowed to speak, as far as I'm concerned.

What is telling about this,however, is that it was leftist counter-protesters who got physically violent, resulting in injuries to two National Socialist protesters, and arrests of a number of the leftist counter-demonstrators.

An even more pertinent point, however, is in how leftists tend to regard conservatives, and the Tea Party in particular. One of the many pejoratives aimed at the Tea Party and conservatives in general, from the left, is that they are all, or at least that a good many if not most of them, are fascists-and Nazis. Given this is in fact how they feel, or at least that this is the kind of rhetoric they engage in, how can conservatives, or members of the Tea Party, not consider or expect that they too might one day be physically assaulted, partially on those grounds? It is certainly something to consider.

Then there was this little tidbit where the daughter of Louisiana Governor Jindal and a male escort were followed from the Conservative Leadership Conference by a gang of protesters and attacked. Although Michelle Malkin in the linked post cautions that there is no proof the assault was politically motivated or anything other than rampant New Orleans style thuggery, I would point out that they were followed from the event and from the area where there were still some protesters present, and that there was no robbery committed or demands made, nor was Miss Jindal sexually assaulted, though she was called a "blonde bitch", and her escort was referred to as a "fucking faggot" right before they were beaten so badly they had to be hospitalized, one for a broken leg.

My advice to anybody who is assaulted by leftist thugs is, if you are attacked, fight back. Don't try to play Gandhi. If you kill these thugs, so long as they are the ones who instigate the violence, you are doing the country a big favor. However, don't instigate the violence yourselves. You will be criticized badly enough just for protecting yourselves from these worthless scumbags.

If they start it themselves and you protect yourselves, and are criticized for it, make sure you are unapologetic about it, and that you make it clear that if you are attacked, as far as you are concerned you are defending your life and won't care one iota to take the life of your assailant. If a few of these fucktards are killed in this way, maybe the Democrats and the media will get the message-

If you don't want violence and bloodshed and loss of life-don't instigate it and then think you are going to manipulate public sentiment by playing the victim. The majority of us are wise to that bullshit, and the time for playing by your rule book has come and gone.