Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kaitee Page And Elyse Haran-A Drunken Revelry Of Music

This will be my last post until my Lughnasadh Sabbat posts on or near August 2nd. Until then, I hope you enjoy this video by one of my YouTube friends, Kaitee Page of the band Lunic. Check out her MySpace page and YouTube page.

In this video, she teams up with one of her friends, Elyse Haran of Elyse And The Aftermaths, who also has her own YouTube page.

It's not a show, it's just two friends jamming to Alanis Morissette's Joining You. The two of them were both drunk and obviously having a great time. I think this was actually recorded in somebody's bathroom. Regardless, it's very good, until a series of mishaps leads to the session pretty much falling apart. Quite funny. By the way, Kaitee is the one singing and playing violin.