Saturday, April 28, 2012

Android Prostitutes Of The Future

Makes sense to me. Unlimited earning potential. No STD's. No lost work due to illnesses. No aging. No drug addictions. No theft of customers. No holding back money. Unlimited use and programming potential. Kind of like the future Energizer Bunnies of the sex industry. You know its going to happen sooner or later. But, unfortunately, it won't come about until about 2050, so I wouldn't get too excited, unless you're like between the ages of two and twelve.

H/T Blogging Isn't Cool

BTW, do watch the video, it's worth the price of admission even if you have zero interest in the prospect of android prostitutes. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Egypt Legalizes Sex Between Muslim Men And Dead Wives-Hillarity Follows

UPDATE-According to The Volokh Conspiracy  the story probably isn't true, but a rumor started by Egypt's military regime, possibly acting in conjunction with the Saudis in an effort to discredit the Muslim Brotherhood. This has been asserted by the Egyptian Embassy in Britain in a report in the Daily Mail.

Two points about this.

One, I wonder why the initial report specified it would only be legal for a man to have sex with the body of his dead wife for up to six hours after her death, but not after that.

Two, what about the report lowering the legal age of marriage to fourteen.

Three, my jokes are still funny, so there's that.

(End of Update)

Granted, its only allowed for up to six hours after the pronouncement of death, but according to this post from The Other McCain, it is now the new law in Muslim Brotherhood dominated Egypt. A way for the bereaved husband, to, uh, well, say goodbye with one last and final, uh, well, you know, what the fuck? But again, and I can't stress this too much, he can only do this, legally, for up to six hours after his wife has died. But not to worry. As compensation for his loss, he now has improved chances of finding a new love, as the marriage age has now been lowered to-fourteen. And yes. This calls for a joke. Actually, a bunch of them.

*Why did the Muslim man have sex with his dead wife? Hey, at least she didn't have a headache.

*Why did the Muslim wife commit suicide? She was tired of being neglected.

*What can you say to make a Muslim husband jealous? She looks so natural.

*Why was the Muslim man so turned on by having sex with his dead wife? It was the first time he'd ever seen her undressed.

*The jokester Muslim teens decided to play a joke on their father by hiding a walkie talkie under the head of their dead mother. They hid in the closet and waited until, sure enough, father entered to have sex with his wife's corpse. Before he mounted her, one of the teens groaned in a voice of passionate ecstasy.

 "You-can communicate with me?" the stunned man asked.

"Yes, I want you, my husband", came the reply.

So he cut her head off.


I know, I'm such an insensitive bigot.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Modern Myths

There's absolutely no truth to the current rumor that President Barak Obama once said- "The dog is a useful animal. But who would ever eat one?"


Monday, April 09, 2012

Justified-Season Finale Predictions

My Death Guess List-

Duffy-killed by Quarles, along with, maybe, his ever-present, seldom speaking hired gun. Even though Quarles is quickly losing his grip on reality, it will not have eluded him that Duffy was behind the failed attempt on his own life.

Erroll-played by an actor who next year will be a co-star on a new series on Cinemax. He will be killed, probably by Limehouse for going too far off the reservation once too often, and maybe for spilling the beans about Mag's money to Dickie. Besides, Limehouse has got to use that damn meat cleaver on somebody at least once;

Trooper Tom-presumably shot by Quarles at the end of episode twelve last week, but we never saw this. There is a theory that he was actually shot by Boyd, but I'm predicting it will actually turn out to be Arlo, who thought he was shooting Raylan, his own son. Remember, prior to this Arlo was hallucinating about the dead Helen, and locked Ava up in a room, and then made off into the night, determined to take part in a bank heist which never happened, and which was a set up by Limehouse in an attempt to get rid of all the players he thought represented a threat to him and to his beloved Noble's Holler.

Limehouse himself, I'm guessing at the end in an explosion (Mykelti Williamson said the finale would be a cliffhanger that would leave some things "up in the air"), in which Boyd and Raylan will also be present, and in which Limehouse lays out a truth about their shared past.

This has to do with an advertised surprise about Boyd, which will have nothing to do with shooting Trooper Tom. Instead it will come when Limehouse reveals to Raylan and Boyd that they are in fact half-brothers.

Though I think its an obvious assumption Quarles will be killed, I think there's a decent chance he is taken by Tonin back to Detroit, where he goes back to being a male prostitute not just as a punishment but to make amends for his prior misdeeds. Of course, he could also be killed by Arlo in the act of saving son Rayland. And I know that sounds contradictory in the face of the previous prediction involving Trooper Tom, but remember-Arlo is dealing with an advancing case of dementia and is off his meds. As such, he is very unpredictable.

Well, there you have it. I'll probably be wrong about every damn bit of it, but I guess we'll see tonight. Tuesday 10:00 pm on FX.

UPDATE: I forgot to add, about the money Limehouse is seen in the previews trying to give Boyd ('there's even a little interest"), this might be the same money, "46,000 dollars and change", with which Limehouse twice earlier in the season tried to placate Dickie. (CORRECTION-I forgot that money was confiscated by Tim and Rachel in episode eleven) My guess is it will turn out to be marked money, maybe from a robbery someone "deposited" in Limehouse's "bank", and is just another way he has of getting Boyd out of his hair, like Dickie before him. Of course the minute anybody tried to spend any such money, they would be busted, or eventually would.

UPDATE: Much has been said about the finale ending in a "heart-wrenching" way for Raylan. This will probably have a connection to the time his mother, in an attempt to get away from Arlo, left him (and by extension her young son, Raylan) to seek refuge at Noble's Holler. We'll learn the full story behind this, which is where I'm guessing Raylan might find out he and Boyd are half-brothers.

At the same time, wouldn't it be something if it turned out she's been alive all this time, a decrepit old woman, as riddled by dementia as Arlo, or worse-and still in Noble's Holler? Granted, I never saw the first season of Justified, so I might have missed something, but in these last two seasons I've never heard her death explained or for that matter stated, nor have I seen a grave.

UPDATE: It's starting up here in about ten minutes, and I've been wondering. What if Raylan is forced to kill Arlo in a gun battle, and right before taking his last breath, Arlo repeats the same thing he said earlier to Boyd? "I'm proud of you, son."

Yep, that would be a tearjerker for Raylan all right.

At any rate it all starts to unravel here in a few.

HOW IT TURNED OUT: Well I was wrong about most things, but I called it on Erroll getting killed (though by Quarles, not Limehouse, though I was right about Limehouse deciding to rid himself of Erroll. He just told him to leave the Holler).

Most importantly, I was right about Arlo being the one who killed Trooper Tom, which seemed so obvious to me I'm surprised nobody else figured it out, at least no one that I know about.

Oh, and Limehouse did finally use that damn meat cleaver on somebody. He divested Quarrels of his left forearm with it. And it was right after this, in fact, that Quarrels told Raylan it was Arlo, not himself, that killed the Trooper.

The supposedly heart-wrenching finale was overblown. It was just Raylan realizing Arlo thought he was shooting at him when he killed Trooper Tom. Because of the hat Tom wore. That and he did it to save Boyd, who told Raylan that Arlo was not part of his crew, he was like family.

So much so that not only did Arlo admit to killing Tom, he took the rap for the murder of Devil in episode four, also to protect Boyd. Yeah, all this might appear heart-wrenching, but not necessarily to Raylan, who while disgusted with his old man, and with Boyd, was not surprised enough to be truly hurt. Other than of course by the death of Tom, a good friend.

As for the rumored big surprise about Boyd, the only thing I can think of is it turning out his cousin Johnny has been a snake in the grass the whole time, was in fact the one who plotted with Limehouse to destroy Boyd, in part by informing him of the murder of Devil, and the location of the body, which Limehouse finally revealed to Raylan in another attempt to placate the Marshall.

But hey-at least I got some things right, for once.

Friday, April 06, 2012

No Reflection

New video by Marilyn Manson

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ann Coulter-The Ugly Inside

Coulter is at it again. This isn't the first time she's insulted Sarah Palin, just the latest. Michelle Malkin jumped to Palin's defense and accused Coulter of joining in a "war against conservative women", pointing out Coulter's friendship with leftist Bill Maher. But I will repeat, this is not the first time. I don't remember exactly when it was or where it happened, but it hasn't been that long ago that Coulter joined in a rant against Palin with fellow harpy Laura Ingraham.


So what's going on here? Personally, I don't think its as complicated or insidious as Malkin thinks it is. In fact, I think there is actually a pretty simple explanation. A sad one, but simple nonetheless.


 If that seems a little simplistic, take note of what Michelle Malkin reports about yet another diss of Palin, by Coulter, at a recent Lincoln Day Dinner event, courtesy of The Shark Tank-

 “One of the ones promoting that [a brokered convention] is Sarah Palin, who has suggested herself as the choice,” Coulter said. “I think as long as it’s between us girls — I’ve been observing something about her. I don’t think it’s likely to happen. I don’t know what these people are cheering for. As I wrote in a column a few weeks back, who is this dream candidate we’re hoping to get from the convention, because Rick Perry used to be the dream candidate. Can we see them in a debate first?”

 …Coulter said that might be a weakness in the Republican Party as a whole — that certain individuals become celebrities and are allowed to profit off that status and yet still interfere in GOP politics, which Democrats have been able to avoid. 

“And just a more corporate problem is I think our party and particularly our movement, the conservative movement, does have more of a problem with con men and charlatans than the Democratic Party,” she said. “I mean, the incentives seem to be set up to allow people — as long as you have a band of a few million fanatical followers, you can make money. The Democrats have managed to figure out how not to do that.” …“The one pledge I support and I think I’m going to draft it up is for all Republican nominees for president — I want them to sign a pledge saying, ‘If I lose the nomination I pledge I will not take a gig with Fox News or write a book.’” Write a book?

Fox News? Make money off fanatical followers? Certain individuals become celebrities and yet still interfere in GOP politics?

 Projection, thy name is Coulter.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Top 25 Political Moms Of 2012

UPDATE-The voting is now over, and Zilla unfortunately fell down to sixth place. But hey, at least she made the top ten. Congratulations to The Lonely Conservative who won first place quite handily. Always next year Zilla. Get your asses over here and vote for my friend Zilla Of The Resistance, and do it every day up to April 4th, when the contest comes to a close. You can vote for each contestant once each day, so while you're at it also vote once each day for The Lonely Conservative, who as I write this is hanging on to a slim lead over uber-leftist blogger Monologues of Dissent, to whom I will not link out of spite (plus well I'm just too lazy to copy and paste more links than necessary). It would be nice to see a conservative mommy blogger win, so I intend to vote for The Lonely Conservative, although I am still holding out hope for Zilla to win it. In fact, Zilla is now in fourth place, ahead (though barely) of Pam Gellar and not that far behind Michelle Malkin. Nothing against those two fine ladies, but I'm limiting my vote to Zilla, who deserves the win.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Down On The Clown

Ronald McDonald, evil clown pimp

Unfortunately, I can't find a pic of Shelley Lynn Handley, former wife of a McDonalds franchise owner who is filing a lawsuit against her former husband, and McDonalds. She claims that he, and McDonald's minimum wage and anti-union policies, forced her into a life of prostitution. From what I've been able to ascertain, she is somewhere in the neighborhood now of 58 years old, which would have put her squarely in her mid-thirties back in the mid-eighties.This would have been the period of time she-started worked at McDonalds; began dating and eventually married her former husband; said former husband arranged to have her fired; former husband took her to Las Vegas and brought her a house; and then forced her to work at a brothel where on some night she serviced up to twelve clients; and then they separated and divorced.

She might have a case against her former husband, but Keith Handley was his own boss, a franchise owner, not technically a McDonalds employee, so I don't see how her suit against the company could have any merit, unless there was something in his background they should have known about. Evidently not, as Handley still owns the franchise, and his own company.

Reuters has the best break-down of this bizarre case I have yet seen, including the bizarre claims that Handley in fact was in love with another man, and wanted a sex-change operation.

Oh Mommy Where Art Thou?

WARNING-Don't Try This At Home

Unless of course you're either a real expert singer, or in the case of Smitty of The Other McCain, a real expert dad. It takes a special touch to put a kid through something like this without leaving him traumatized. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some Serious Allegations

Who says kids today have it all that bad. Many of them allegedly have it pretty rough. But actually, some of them seem to have it pretty darn good. If you're lucky, and you go to a certain school in Edgewood in Northern Kentucky, for example, you might be lucky enough to have a Bengals cheerleader as one of your teachers. Maybe even a Ben-Gals cheerleader squad captain, like Sarah Jones.

This would be her, right here.
And that's not all. If you really work hard and play by the rules, you might even get to have an affair with said Bengal's cheerleader. "Allegedly", of course. Hell, her mother, the principle, might even "allegedly" aid and abet by covering up evidence. Assuming she's reinstated, that is. Just hope the two alleged venereal diseases Sarah has been alleged to have are actually, not allegedly, cleared up.

H/T Ben Swann WXIX

Right On, America

Soleday O'Brien, the unabashedly leftist progressive host of CNN's Starting Point With Soleday O'Brien, has a bit of a problem. The ratings of her show is in the gutter, prompting such descriptions by media observers as "brutal" and "an epic ratings collapse" according to The Other McCain, which reports that it is- the cable network’s lowest ratings for that time slot in more than a decade. Fewer than 100,000 adults 25-54 tuned in to O’Brien’s program on an average day, according to the latest quarterly Nielsen numbers. In the meantime, by contrast Rush Limbaugh announced that his ratings are now soaring on 600 stations. This despite the loss of some advertisers over the ridiculous Sandra Fluke flap. This of course could mean a number of things. For example, it could mean that Americans on the average don't really care much for sluts. Or for bitches. Or, perhaps more to the point, they're just simply sick of leftist hogwash.

And Now, A Word From Alexis

No, I'm not a Ron Paul supporter, but this is just too cute to not post.

H/T Ben Swann

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boyz In Da Hoodies

Say goodbye to the sweater vest, Santorum supporters. Right Wing Stuff at Cafe Press has your latest in Santorum campaign fashion accessories-I call it The Ricky Poo Hoodie.

After all, since Santorum has recently come out on the side of the racebaiters, hustlers, and poverty pimps-like "President" Barak Obama, Al Shaprton, Jesse Jackson, The New Black Panther Party and Spike Lee-in pronouncing guilt on George Zimmermann for the death of Travyon Martin (without knowing jack shit about the facts of the case), then it only seems right that Santorum join in solidarity with the Hoodie Nation of America.

BTW-a great big H/T to Zilla Of The Resistance for providing the Daily Caller link. I know it was hard for her, as she has been a long-suffering, devoted Santorum supporter for some time, and unlike other Santorum apologists like Robert Stacy McCain who continue to deny reality as they whistle past the graveyard of the Santorum campaign (while pretending its not a graveyard but a festival), she deserves kudos for having the intellectual honestly and insistence on moral clarity to call, well, a spade a spade.

But hey, at the same time, you can't blame a losing candidate for trying one last desperate Hail Mary. Who knows, maybe Santorum can draw enough of the black vote in Maryland, Wisconsin, and other states to overcome Mitt Romney's at this stage nearly insurmountable lead. Hell, if he's steadfast enough, he might even draw some of the black vote in the general election. He might even cut into Obama's vote in the hard-core urban black Democratic areas. Don't laugh, it's not impossible that he might draw something like 0.00000000001 percent of the black Democrat vote-otherwise known as "you blind drunk old fool you punched the wrong chad, nigga!".

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Death Of Love

One of my favorite recent commercials, a couple looking to save money on a home security system discover that adopting a "Rescue Panther" might not have been their best move.

Actually, I have my own rescue panther though admittedly its a miniature version. Here she is getting ready to maul the hell out of two shoe-strings tied together.

So, These Black Panthers Were Walking Down The Road

Rep Allen West is one of many who reacted strongly to the initial news of the shooting of Florida High School student Trayvon Martin. Yet, as is so often the case, it could well be that George Zimmermann, the man accused of shooting the teenager who allegedly did nothing but walk through a neighborhood at night dressed in a hoodie and carrying nothing but a bag of Skittles, may indeed turn out to be the victim of a gross injustice.

Never mind that the Rev Al Sharpton and other notorious race hustlers are calling for Zimmermann's blood. Even the President of the United States has gotten into the act, leading to two contenders for the GOP Presidential nomination, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, to accuse him of turning it into a political issue. This lead in turn to one of Obama's staffer David Plouffe to attack the two candidates, calling their remarks irresponsible, reprehensible, and hard to stomach, according to The Other McCain

And of course, this has lead to more predictable calls for gun control laws, including a call for an investigation of Florida, and other states,  Stand Your Ground laws, a demand recently made by no less a figure than New York Democrat US Senator Chuck Schumer.

Now come to find out Martin may not have been so innocent after all, while Zimmermann may indeed have acted in self-defense, according to one eyewitness, which is now rumored to be why Zimmermann was not arrested at the scene to begin with. In fact, it is now being reported that Zimmermann desisted in following Martin at the urgings of 911 dispatchers, whereupon Martin attacked him from behind and was on top of him on the ground, beating him.

Nevertheless this has not dissuaded Sharpton, nor has it convinced any of the other race-hustlers and race-baiters of either race. In fact, just recently came the news The New Black Panthers offer 10,000 dollar reward for capture of Zimmerman  

As if this was not enough, Zimmermann's address was tweeted by no less a public figure than film director Spike Lee .

Moreover, there is even some suggestion that Martin's photo might have been altered in order to make him look less intimidating, a way for the media to engender wider sympathy for Martin and further stoke the fires of populist rage. Well, hell, those papers aren't going to sell themselves, you know. Sometimes it takes work. An artistic flair, so to speak.

As might be expected, Obama and the Democrats have remained strangely silent about all these latest developments. But on the other hand, hey-spring is in the air, and there's an election right around the corner. Nothing to gin up the old liberal base quite like a good old fashioned racial controversy. And if it leads to riots, mayhem, destruction of property, or even the murder of a certain "white Hispanic" with a Jewish sounding name, what the fuck? Anything for the cause.

As for me, whenever I see a number of "urban youth" dressed in hoodies approaching me from down the street, I know what to do, now more than ever.

Cross the fucking road.

We Are All Little Breitbarts, In Our Own Little Ways

 Of all the deaths of all the people I've never known, probably known have impacted me as much as the death of Andrew Breitbart. He was a true pioneer and warrior in the quest for truth and excellence in journalism. And of course, because of this, he made an abundance of enemies, probably more during his all too brief career than any one hundred people amass over the course of their entire lifetimes.

Since I never personally got to know him, I will send you by way of link to somebody who did. Robert Stacy McCain, who wrote about Breitbart shortly after his death for The American Spectator 

It was McCain, in fact, by way of his blog The Other McCain who posted the following video, in which Breitbart displayed his wicked sense of humor at the expense of Charles Johnson, long at enmity with the two individuals who appear beside Breitbart in the video, Robert Spencer and, especially, Pam Gellar

Breitbart was so hated by the left that rumors surfaced that he might have been murdered. I myself considered the possibility that, in an attempt to embarass Breitbart, his enemies might have drugged his drink, which might have resulted in his death. But in all likelihood Breitbart, who lived hard and relentlessly in all areas of his life and in fact never slowed down, was a literal heart attack waiting to happen, suffering as he did from a bad heart.

Yet, his death was met by joy from the Left, and not just by the leftist mob, but such well known figures on the Left as Matthew Iglesias, who noted on his Twitter account-

The world outlook is slightly improved with @AndrewBrietbart dead.

I meant to include some links from earlier blog posts that I did on Breitbart, including his seminal work on such matters as ACORN and The Pigford Sttlement, but unfortunately, the links have been taken down, and clicking on them now takes you straight to Breitbart's homepage. As such I instead draw your attention to the Breitbart memorial compiled by Zilla Of The Resistance which contains innumerable links related to Breitbart.

Finally, I draw your attention to the on-going website of Breitbart, which carries on his work through its various sections, known as The Bigs-Big Hollywood, Journalism, Peace, and Politics. There is a meme going on throughout the conservative blogosphere where bloggers proclaim "I Am Breitbart". A nice sentiment, but in reality, he was one of a kind. And though his work will live on, there are very few individuals who can or will rise to that standard of dedication and excellence. However, there are three things we can all do to keep his legacy alive. Its not really that difficult. I call them the Three L's-Look, Listen, Learn. The truth is useless if you're not open to it.

When Bristol Talks, Obama Should Listen

Of course Obama is a fucking fool, so he won't, and you know, maybe that's just as well. But in a recent open letter to Obama on her blog Bristol wonders, probably in vain, when she'll get a phone call from our dipshit President (my words) to commiserate with her over the abuse she has taken from the likes of million dollar Obama donor Bill Maher and others. Britstol points out that Obama is the President of all Americans, including conservative Republicans, not merely the libtard fucksticks like Sandra Fluke, to whose defense Obama jumped after Rush Limbaugh foolishly called her a slut.

On the other hand, Bristol pointed out something which I never knew, or maybe I just forgot. Back during the 2008 Presidential campaign, when Bristol was being maligned mercilessly by the Left for being an unwed mother, Obama actually did defend her, saying that she and the children of all candidates should be off limits. As she recalls-

After all, I’ve always felt you understood my plight more than most because your mom was a teenager.  That’s why you stood up for me when you were campaigning against Sen. McCain and my mom — you said vicious attacks on me should be off limits.
Yet I wonder if the Presidency has changed you.  Now that you’re in office, it seems you’re only willing to defend certain women.  You’re only willing to take a moral stand when you know your liberal supporters will stand behind you.

The answer, of course, is no, the presidency has not changed Obama. His earlier defense was a mere political calculation, something that sounded good when Obama was trying to shore up his support among independents and conservative Democrats-especially former Hillary supporters who were still stung by the primary contest between Obama and Hillary-and in the meantime he hoped to pick up a substantial number of moderate Republicans.

Now of course Obama feels no need to reach out to these people, because now he understands it is imperative that he shore up the lagging support among his own base. He can't do that by coming to the defense of any of the hated Palin clan.

In other words, the candidate of hope and change has proven what many of us knew all along. He's just another political bullshitter.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

I've been juggling too many things lately to post much, even without the flu that swarmed in and kicked my ass for about a week, something I still haven't completely recovered from. Be that as it may, better late than never, including my postings related to the Spring Equinox. But then again, all my Sabbat postings have fallen by the wayside over the last year or so. Still, when you feel inclined to play catch-up, its nice to find somebody who has actually done your work for you. One case in point would be a recent post by The Troglopundit about all the fattening, high calorie foods that are so bad for you when eaten to excess, yet which taste so damn good life wouldn't be the same without them.

Now I won't steal all the Trog's good hard work, but I will post a few samples, a few of the better ones. After all, though the Equinox has come and gone, spring is still in the air. And nothing is more inspiring than when you read about how the First Lady was recently booed by schoolchildren during one of her matronly lectures on the importance of eating healthy foods.

Now don't get me wrong. I am a big proponent of eating healthy, well-balanced meals, but at the same time, I am also an advocate of eating foods that bring you nothing but pleasure, so long as this is not done to excess. And no time is better to do so than during the early days of spring. And so, without further ado, I present these three samples of some of the better offerings proffered by the Trog.

Let's start out with our appetizer.

I've done forgotten what this is or where it came from, but doesn't it fucking look good? I think its onion strings and jalapeno poppers, but don't quote me on that. All I know is there's some cheese involved somewhere. And nothing is more magical than feeling the sting of jalapeno through your farts. Eat up, wait an hour, and then move on to the main course.

Now this is from Quiznos, but trust me, its not for babies. This is what you call a Grilled Chicken Honey Mustard Flat Bread Salad. I don't want to even think about the calories we've ingested so far, especially since we're not exactly done. Hey we need something to wash all this down with, right? And what better than-

The Sierra Nevada Bigfoot, a Boch beer to die for. Trog included some other offering, including one from an old Pagan Temple favorite, The Heart Attack Grill, a coffee from Starbucks, and of course, some dessert. But why go there? After all this, who has room for dessert? Shit, this was dessert. Just kick back, enjoy, and have a joyous, bountiful spring.