Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm back, through luck mixed with ingenuity I got my blog back from the little Polish cunt that hacked into it. Your time will come, bitch!

In the meantime, not only has my health greatly improved, I have a new computer so no longer have to rely on my android, which is a bitch to post on.

By the way, AOW, I didn't get your message in the hospital, but I was so close to death I could almost smell it, so that might be why they didn't relay it. By the time I got well enough it was probably forgotten.

And by the way, I will in the future post more about my near death experiences with their attendant visions and hallucinations.  Put it this way, it was a wild fucking ride.

However, I probably won't be posting as much as I used to, because I intend to devote at least one day a week to rewriting my novel Radu, and at least three days a week to a new writing project, a novel about the abortion racket,

Still, I will no doubt be posting at least once a week, maybe twice, and I definitely intend to continue my tradition of multiple posting for the Sabbats, as time permits

And for some news which may (or may not) please my Christian friends, I consider myself a Christian as well as a Pagan. But definitely not a "Christo-Pagan".

What does this mean and exactly how does it, or how can it, work? Stay tuned.

As for politics, I'm tired of bitching at the Democrats. Bitching at Democrats for doing the things Democrats do is like bitching at a rat for eating shit. What time in the hospital I was lucid enough to comprehend what was going on, I watched in amazement while the GOP imploded. I thought for a while I was dead and in hell, but I gradually came to realize-no, I'm not that lucky.

So no, I'll reserve my bitching for the GOP, WITH AN EYE TO 2014 AND 2016. If you want to win  you will listen to me. It's just that simple.

I intend also to do more Kentucky based posts, and some photography posts as well.

And I will at some point do an episode by episode review of the Sopranos, as of now the greatest series which ever graced the small screen.

As for now, I'm going to close with this thought. A close brush with death gives you a broader perspective on what's important. I find that I've moderated some of my more hard core beliefs, but for the most part I've gotten more hard core if anything. Obama's latest gun-grab attempt outright infuriates me, for example.

More on this and other things later.