Friday, September 30, 2011

Warren Buffett-Snake Oil Salesman And All-Around Fraud

I want to preface this post by stating, I am sick and tired of hearing about how Warren Buffett pays a lesser percentage of tax on dividends than his secretary pays in income tax. That's only to be expected, as capital gains are taxed at fifteen percent. But what is really irritating as how he portrays this as being so unfair to his poor hapless secretary.

This is not a woman who works in some obscure small town doctor or lawyer's office, or some struggling regional business.

This is the secretary of WARREN FUCKING BUFFETT!!! I have no doubt whatsoever that she makes well up into six figures in salary, probably enough to put her well into the upper income bracket. And that's before you start factoring in other compensation, probably a generous end of the year bonus, birthday bonus, shares of stock, etc. This is not a woman who is just making it.

In the meantime Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway, has been in negotiations with the feds as to how much back taxes they owe. The hypocrisy knows no bounds, but don't tell MSNBC that. If you tell them Buffett should release his tax returns, they will call you a Buffett Birther.

Now, Buffett is conducting a scam to inflate the price of Hathaway stock, by announcing a buy-out for up to ten percent above the current price, on the grounds the current stock doesn't reflect what he insists is the company's real value. Alice Schroeder, who has had dealings with the so-called Oracle From Omaho, also hints that this might be a ploy to simply drive up the stock, after which Buffett might decide not to re-purchase after all.

Incidentally, Schoeder once wrote a book about Buffett, who told her when there were two conflicting accounts as pertains to any subject, to always use the version least favorable to him. Then he cut off all contact with her for painting him in an unfavorable light.

This is the kind of man we are suppose to listen to when he advises us to raise taxes on the rich, ie anyone, person or business, who makes more than 250,000 dollars a year.

Two possibilities, either one or both of which might explain this phenomenon.

1. The government has something on Buffett

2. Buffett wants certain businesses to lose their stock value so he can snatch them up.

It's one of the two, and probably both. I would almost be willing to bet my life on number two.

In the meantime, if Warren is really that upset that he isn't paying his fair share, here's a couple of things he can do.

1. If you're really in charge of Berkshire Hathaway, stop haggling with the feds. Pay them what they say you owe. Would they lie to you?

2. Here's an even better idea. There are a plethora of charities, some of which do good work, and some of which are struggling, that could always use a shot in the arm, an infusion of quick, ready cash, hell, a respected spokesman (note, better move fast on that one).

Just a few I can think of off the top of my head. Salvation Army, ASPCA, Boys And Girls Club, Make A Wish, Children's Hospital, The Red Cross, The Boy Scouts.

Granted, not all charities are good, some have a mixed record, some are wasteful of their donations. You can ferret those out, I'm sure. Even the worst of them couldn't be any more wasteful than the federal government.

But of course, Warren Buffett couldn't care less about fairness and government efficiency. There's something else up, and you can bet the main beneficiary, in the long run, will always be Warren Buffett.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Christie Curse

There are at least five good reasons to dislike Chris Christie but he added icing to the cake last night in his address from the Reagan Library when he spoke the ineffable words "compromise". Those words which should never be spoken by any Republican who wishes to be taken seriously by the base, especially when spoken in connection with the terms "Democrats" and "Congress".

It bodes ill for the future of the nation when its leaders can't learn from the mistakes of the past. If you loved John McCain, you should love Chris Christie. On the other hand, maybe not. McCain was probably on balance more conservative. Of all the current aspirants for the Republican nomination, none are as liberal as Chris Christie. That includes Jon Huntsman, who at least opposes gun control.

Yet, the GOP establishment loves this guy. They won't leave him alone. I wouldn't swear to this, but I think they've even threatened him. They are that convinced that he is some sort of savior. But he's their savior, not the savior of the country, or the constitution. They want somebody to watch their own backs and guard their own asses. They want one of their own.

I want to make it clear, I admire Chris Christie, to a point, as governor of New Jersey. But that's where he should stay, where he can do the most good. Continue to put New Jersey on a sane fiscal setting, in a way that will last way past his tenure. Continue to take on the unions, fight for sane fiscal policies. Reform the state pension system and the schools. Do all those things that have made him a household word.

And then he should retire. He should avoid national office at any level. The last thing the nation needs is another national republican who supports gun control, is a believer in anthropogenic climate change, a support in comprehensive immigration reform, and is politically correct when dealing with matters pertaining to the encroaches of Islam in our society.

Whoever wins the nomination will automatically be beset with pleas-make that demands-to put Christie on the ticket. He or she should avoid doing so. Not just avoid, they should flat out refuse.

Its time for the Republican voters to take control of the Republican Party. If we can't do that, or won't do that, then nothing is ever going to change. It will just be one moderate squish after another, and year after year of Democrats demanding twice what they really want and then "compromising" to get everything they really do want. Before long, there won't be anything left worth compromising over.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Questions From A Concern Troll

I recently deleted a comment from a probably by now former reader, who then sent me a bunch of follow-up posts which Intense Debate didn't post to my blog, although I got the e-mail notifications for them. I decided I'd take the time to answer them, in the order in which I got them. The first comment, incidentally, the one that I deleted, was something about why did I never post about paganism, instead of my "stupid political beliefs", so I'll answer that one first.

Answer-I just post about whatever is on my mind at any given time. And frankly, you should bear in mind that pagans do have lives beyond rituals and spells. Many of us are politically active. Some of us are even socially active, believe it or not. We have girlfriends/boyfriends, children and other family members, friends from all walks of life and belief systems, jobs and careers, school, etc. We like to read, listen to music, watch television and movies. In short, there's really no reason for us to stand out in a crowd.

However, there's a grave misconception that pagans are all liberals and progressives, some maybe even socialists. While that is true of the majority, probably even the vast majority, there are more than you might think that are conservative, and there are quite a few who are libertarian.

I don't actually consider myself a straight down the line conservative, but I am a staunch Federalist, a believer in limitations on the power of the federal government to those powers enumerated by the constitution, and everything else should be the purview of the individual states. That's the way the founders intended it to be, and nothing has happened in all this time to warrant any kind of change in that regard, certainly without going through at least the Amendment process, or without holding a new constitutional convention.

As such, I consider myself a strict constructionist. You don't need a university educated professor or attorney to explain to you or to "interpret" what the constitution means. It means exactly what it says, with some allowances for changes in the definitions of certain words over the years, such as, uh, "regulated" as pertains to the Second Amendment. (A hint, it doesn't mean government control.)

Anyway, I feel I owe it to conservative and to an extent libertarian pagans to make sure I get the word out there, that we are not all America-hating, leftist, Christian bashing, big government control advocates or tree-hugging environmental freaks who want to fundamentally transform America into a European style quasi-socialist nanny state powered completely by wind turbines and solar panels.

Perhaps I should have explained this at the time instead of deleting his post with the cursory explanation that "there's no freedom of speech on my blog".

His reply-

Very American of you.

In fact, it is very American. The government does not have any legitimate authority to prevent me from engaging in any kind of speech, or of hearing it. However, I am under no obligation whatsoever to listen to it either, or to subject my readers to it, and I certainly am under no obligation to take abuse from anyone just because they personally find my views objectionable. You have the same right. If you don't like what I say on this blog, simply don't read it.

But really though, do you ever write about Paganism?

Very rarely. What's to write about? There's only so much you can write before you become repetitive. If you don't believe me, check out the myriad of books on the subject of Wicca, or this and that brand of paganism. Once you've read one book by Silver Ravenwolf or Scott Cunningham, you've pretty much covered the gamut of everything anybody else has or will write. There's only so many ways you can describe casting a circle that's going to be unique. I'd rather concentrate on doing something good as opposed to adding to the volume of pablum. On my sidebar, I have a two part series on the god Pan called "Pan-A God For All Nature's Children, Parts One and Two". It's listed, with some other posts, under the heading of "Ancient Rites And Rants (And Immortal Bullshit)". It's probably my most read post, so maybe I should do more of them. But really, if you're not feeling it, what's the point? I've also done some archaeological posts, for example another two-part series, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Revisited.

And there have been others, but really, here's another point. If I did post more about paganism, pagans would be the last ones who would like it, because well, let's say it definitely wouldn't be politically correct if I gave a true pagan perspective, that is to say as I see it, on some of let us say certain issues of the day. Note, I said MY true pagan perspective. To put it a tad bit more concisely, its one thing to exercise tolerance and acceptance of certain things, its another thing all together to act like its positive behavior or healthy and should be applauded, encouraged, or taught in public schools to innocent children. Do I really need to go further? And believe me, that's just one example. There could be many, many more.

And do you realize these Christian batshit insane candidates hate your religion?

So what? A lot of people hate things they don't understand. More than likely though, assuming they have an opinion about it at all, it amounts to pandering to one segment of their base, based on the assumption that they hate it.

In the meantime, a good many independents, and conservative Democrats especially, hate it as well, or at least are highly suspicious of it, which means if I were you, I wouldn't count on Democrat candidates doing a whole hell of a lot to make things any better for you. Oh, and by the way, the liberal Democrats? Well, most of them think you're full of shit. You don't really think they see you in a much better light than they do those knuckle-dragging superstitious Bible thumpers, do you? They might treat you a little better to your face, but they're still condescending. Just don't forget to go to the polls.

Doesn't matter what Republicanism stands for. These people, these individuals, hate Paganism.

This is a good one. All that matter, to this person, is paganism. Nothing else matters, and nothing any party or ideology might stand for matters. I think that's a pretty sad statement. A pagan shouldn't concern himself or herself with what policies a candidate or party fights for or promotes, we should base our votes solely on how they feel, allegedly, about pagans and paganism.

So Republicans allegedly hate, hate, hate, HATE Pagans and Paganism, so it shouldn't matter to me that Democrats want to tax and regulate me to death, and appoint judges that are going to whittle away every constitutional right I have, including the right to bear arms.


That really speaks for itself, and doesn't really deserve a further response.

It's really pathetic that you think they don't.

Isn't it so great that liberals and progressives never paint their ideological opponents with a broad brush? They just don't believe in that, you see.

Rick Perry especially would like Paganism wiped out of America.

Oh, so I see there are varying degrees of anti-pagan bigotry, and Perry is allegedly at the forefront. So is it possible some of them don't actually hate pagans at all? No, silly me, of course not.

Would you convert if he asked you to?

Nope, not even if I was a Perry supporter. I'm actually a Palin supporter, and believe it or not, I wouldn't do it for her either. Or for anybody else.

I do have to cut guys like this some slack, because they actually believe, literally, that Republicans are out on a mission to destroy Paganism, or deny them their first amendment rights in some obscene, untoward, and even unconstitutional way. They are not, but you can't convince them otherwise.

So what are you going to do? Me, I think I'll light a candle and some incense and call out to Athene for more wisdom, because I do need more of it. Of course, it helps if you're open to it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bristol Palin Versus The Queen Of The Rodeo

This altercation between Bristol Palin and some homosexual at a bar would probably be blamed on Bristol, for approaching the guy to begin with, if the entire video hadn't captured the entire incident in context. Bristol was out with the film crew and staff of her new reality series. She took a turn on the mechanical bull, when the homo shouted "your mother's a whore" and "did you ride Levi like that" and something else equally stupid and banal. Bristol confronted the guy afterward and made him look like the stammering, spitting, bigoted fool most progressives really are deep down, and not so deep down.

My advice to the Queen of the Rodeo-It gets better. Who knows, maybe soon they'll invent a mechanical bull with a dick it can cram up your ass. Until such time, stay in the closet, fag. You're an embarrassment to the human species.

H/T Billy Hallowell of The Blaze

UPDATE-According to The Other McCain this jizz-gurgling faggot is a Trig-Truther who is a fan of Levi Johnston. Moreover, his name is Stephen Hanks and he owns a talent agency called Stephen Hanks Management Inc, and he represents Michael Vartan, who has appeared in the recently cancelled series "Hawthorne" with Jada Pinkett Smith. The number of the agency is 323-656-1884.

Not only does McCain have a picture of Hanks with Levi Johnston, a commenter produced his Lockerz account where he expresses his, uh, fondness for ol' Levi, who I'm sure reciprocates that fondness, in every possible way.

Herman Cain's Breakout Night

Without going into a lot of detail, I name Herman Cain the winner of tonight's Fox-Google debate in Orlando, Florida, with Rick Santorum coming in a close second.

But in all honesty, the person who will probably come out best in this debate is the man I put in the number three position, Mitt Romney.

I'd have to put Gingrich at fourth, Bachmann at fifth, and Perry at sixth. Rounding out the rest of the field, I put Paul at seventh, Huntsman eighth, and Gary Johnson at ninth for his debut debate performance.

The person who might have knocked the wind out of Perry's sails, maybe permanently, wasn't Bachmann or Mitt, but Santorum, who made it plain he wasn't letting Perry skate on his policy of subsidizing university educations for children of illegal immigrants when American citizens are obliged to pay the full amount. He was also as tough as you'd expect on foreign policy and social issues, not backing down from any challenges.

Still, I have to give the overall victory to Cain, who offered a compelling story of a stage four cancer survivor, who succinctly made the case that, had he been obliged to seek treatment under Obamacare, he would not be alive today. He also made a better case for his 9-9-9 Plan, and his advocacy for the "Chilean Model" retirement system.

Unfortunately, this is probably the last stand for Michelle Bachmann. She made a big mistake focusing on Perry, which she did to great effect during the last debate. Tonight it was expected. She would have been better advised to concentrate on Romney who, though he is in second place behind Perry in most recent polls, is still trending upward, gaining on Perry to within the margin of error in most of these polls.

But she did not focus on Romney, nor did anyone else, except Perry of course, and that is a big mistake. Mitt is sailing through while also leading the others in the charge on Perry. In doing so, Mitt is looking every inch like the leader he's trying to portray himself as. It's a smart strategy, because the way things stand, Mitt will regain front-runner status within the coming weeks.

Paul did an admirable job of explaining his position regarding the border fence "locking us in". Unfortunately, his explanation is inapplicable to the modern age of electronic wire transfers, a world where not even organized crime syndicates carry their cash in trunks across the borders. But at least his stand didn't sound quite as nutty.

Gary Johnson got probably the biggest laugh of the night when he said his neighbors two dogs had created more shovel ready jobs than had Obama. But let's face it, Johnson, Paul, and more than likely Huntsman are basically distractions, and I commend the good sense of Thad McCotter for recognizing the reality and ending his ill-advised bid.

I still hold out hope Palin will enter the fray. If she does, it will quickly evolve into a two person race between her and Mitt Romney. And the sooner all the others drop out, the sooner Sara turns Mitt into a two-time loser.

But for the time being, if just for this night, Herman Cain, and to a lesser extent Santorum, proved their mettle tonight.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Joe McGinness, Democrats, And Other Passive Aggressive Racists

Joe McGinness has written an allegedly tell-all book about the life and times of Sara Palin that is hard to take seriously as anything but a slander tome, but on the other hand, what if it is true? What if Sara Palin did have some kind of brief fling with a black college basketball star between twenty and thirty years ago? What if she, Todd and some friends really did snort coke in the woods from the bottom of an oil drum? What if she wasn't the best of mothers in the early days of her marriage, and was in fact such a lousy cook she could "burn water"?

The point seems to be, in part, that Sara Palin is a hypocrite, and we can't overlook the obvious inference that Republican conservatives, especially Christians and members of the Tea Party, should be especially aghast at such sordid tales of her past. Naturally, we might all want to rethink her standing in the movement, and by no means should we want her to be the standard bearer for the Republican Party in 2012. That much is pretty obvious.

Conservatives are of course up in arms over what they consider slander, and Robert Stacy McCain has gone to the point of posting a tongue-in-cheek drive for his readers to contribute to what he calls the Todd Palin Defense Fund, in the event Todd gives McGinness one, or more, maybe several well-deserved ass-whuppins.

It was a joke, of course, but that didn't prevent humorless liberals from disingenuously deeming it a serious threat. This was the reaction from such stalwart liberal sites as Slate, as well as penultimate Palin basher and Trig Truther Andrew Sullivan.

In reality, the Todd Palin Defense Fund was a cleverly and satirically disguised yet open call to contribute to SaraPac, which as the name implies is a PAC set up by Sara Palin to promote conservative causes, issues, and candidates.

Lost in all the hullabaloo is the question, who cares if all this is true? I for one could care less if Palin had an affair with Rice, the black college basketball player in question, or a one night stand, or for that matter ten minutes in a locked stall in a public bathroom. As for the cocaine use, how is that different from Obama's own admitted use of cocaine and marijuana?

Liberals would answer that it demonstrates that Palin is a hypocrite, but that is true only if these things are on-going. Anybody can change their lifestyle, and adopt a set of values that are a complete turnaround from their old life. All that proves is that they have grown up and matured, and want to live a more positive life. Being married and having children tend to do that to people, at least in some cases, especially if you come to realize your old lifestyle amounted to a road to nowhere.

McGinness and his defenders say more about themselves than they do the Tea Party or for that matter about Palin. Why should they assume conservatives should be so up in arms at the idea Palin might have had a brief fling with a black man? This is the most obvious sign of racist projection I have ever seen, and for Democrats that's saying something.

This is a party that promoted and defended slavery, and then Jim Crow, and who to this day think of the black race as a group of people who are so inferior they require the beneficence of the federal government to protect them and even to support them. Taken to its natural extreme, it won't be long before the feds start sending government employees out to all the government housing projects to cook their meals, clean their houses, and wash their clothes, with the taxpayer picking up the tab.

On the other hand, suppose some conservatives are offended at the alleged relationship between Palin and Rice. How does it follow they would vote for a man who is the product of a mixed race relationship? A man whose mother was a noted white commie bitch, and whose father was a black commie Muslim. A man who has been mentored by commies and anarchists all his life and who has the audacity to hope that he can fundamentally transform America into what would possibly amount to a third world commie hell hole if he could have his way, or at the very best, a second rate quasi-socialist European style nanny-state.

I don't know about anybody else, but methinks I'll stick with the white chick in this case. Ironically, if Palin does decide to run, and wins the Republican nomination, she might have Joe McGinness to thank for netting her an extra three or four percent of the black vote over and above the roughly ten percent that typically vote Republican.

You know. The ones Democrats insist are "Uncle Toms". You see, back in the old days, Democrats used to force black folks in the South to vote Democrat. Then, they threatened them with the rope and the whip.

Now they merely bribe them with welfare, food stamps, drugs, and rat infested tenements while making sure the general black population is disarmed and at the relative mercy of black thug gangs, and by ratcheting up the rhetoric to make it impossible for big city police departments to do their jobs in such a way as might interfere with this national protection racket. All the while of course making sure black folks understand they just can't make it in life without the "help" of Democrats and their appointed straw bosses and house Negroes. You know, like Obama.

No, Democrats sure don't mind fucking black people. They've been doing that for going on two hundred years. Here for the last forty years or so, they've just been kissing them first.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Promised Land

It finally occurred to me there may have been a rhyme and a reason for Obama's Israeli policy all this time. It goes something like this-Let's help the Palestinians, Iran, and radical Islamic groups wipe Israel off the map. If we move slowly but steadily, not only can we curry favor with the Arab street, we can blame it on Bush, Republicans, and Christian conservatives as we can bring all the Israeli survivors to America where they really belong, to join in with all the other Jews who typically vote Democratic by a margin of almost three to one.

Ah, but last night, with the election of Bob Turner to the Congressional seat formerly held by Geraldine Ferraro, Chuckie Schumer, and Anthony Weiner, a seat which has been solidly Democratic since 1923, it might be a sign of a kind of change the Obama Administration had never foreseen. Especially since it wasn't even close. Republican Turner beat Democrat David Weprin by something like 54 to 46 percent.

A clear message not only to Obama, but to the Democratic Party in general which has taken the Jewish vote for granted for far too long. What could this mean?

It was more than just a Jewish backlash, of course, there was also outright dissatisfaction with Obama's handling of the economy. Turner in fact made the election more about Obama than he made it about Weprin, whom at last accounting had not only not conceded the race, but was seemingly in hiding.

But that hasn't prevented other Democrats, such as Rep. Lynn Wolsey of California, from doubling down on the stupid.

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.) stressed that it was important for Democrats to not cave in on pieces of either Obama’s jobs plan or the [Congressional Progressive Caucus's] job-creation agenda.
“Half a loaf is not enough in the United States of America,” Woolsey said. “The whole proposal is what we must have now.”

Not only are independents and conservative Democrats becoming wide awake to the dangers posed by this renegade regime and its communist infiltrated political party, but so are interest groups that were formerly reliable Democrat votes. The following video by Ladd Ellinger is an example of the anger of a growing number of Jewish voters towards the Democrat regime.

Another special election for a seat in the House of Representatives election was won by the Republicans last night as well, this one in Nevada.

A commenter on another blog summed it up best-


And this might be just the beginning. With this election last night, New York might possibly have come into play for the general election.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Aftermath Of 9/11-How Did It Change Us?

The attacks of September 11, 2001, changed us in ways we never could have ever foreseen. But did it really change us that much? Yes and no.

In the immediate aftermath, we all joined hands as a nation. We were solidly united, for an all too brief period. Democrat and Republican leaders joined hands on the steps of the Capitol in a show of unity and solidarity, in an attempt to instill hope and to encourage us as a nation to pull together, to overcome the tragedy, and to move towards justice, yes, but also healing. The eyes of the world were on us, and it seemed like almost everyone was in our corner.

It didn't last.

Some people say we lost our innocence as a nation that day. That was a lie. We as a nation lost our innocence on the day we signed the Constitution. Within that document was embedded the compromise that allowed slavery. It was a necessary compromise at the time, one that could not be avoided. We eventually abolished slavery by means of the amendment process embedded in the same constitution that allowed the institution of slavery. It took two thirds of a century and a bloody, divisive war, but we ended it. We made things right. But we were not innocent.

And then we lived for another century with the shame of Jim Crow. We ended that as well, finally. We made that right, and are still making it right. But we are not innocent.

We sat silently as Andrew Jackson, the President we now honor on the twenty dollar bill, conducted the brutal savagery against the Cherokee Indians known as the Trail of Tears. We have yet to make that right, though we have tried. We have not yet come close to healing that wound. We are not innocent.

And even today, there is the on-going brutal holocaust of abortion, with untold millions of innocent babies snuffed out in the wombs of the mothers that should nurture and protect them, a happenstance that we have allowed through some misguided notion of privacy rights and individual liberty. There are those who fight valiantly to make the wrong right.

Throughout all of these, and other wrongs, we debated and fought, and tried to make things right. And we did make things right when we could. We will always strive to make things right. That is our nature as a people, as a country. But sometimes, in trying to help, in trying to do the right thing, we still sometimes make mistakes and do the wrong thing. We are not a bad people, or an evil nation, quite the contrary. We are the greatest people, and nation, on the face of the earth, in all of history. But we are not perfect. We are not innocent.

We have tried to right all of our wrongs, to the best of our abilities, though seldom united even during those times when we agreed there must be change, we would still debate over the best way to bring about that change.

But when all is said and done, the Constitution, with its Bill of Rights, despite its original inherent flaws, is the greatest document of liberty the world has ever produced, or is likely to ever produce.

We have saved the world, at least three times over. We have a spirit that we have, instilled from our beginnings, an inherited culture that speaks to a deep rooted desire to make the world a better place, a free place, where all people can be free from tyranny, can be free to pursue their dreams, where people live and raise their families and instill in them those same values-the desire to make the world a little bit better for the next generation than it was for ourselves.

That may have all changed. A lot may have changed. But let's not delude ourselves into thinking we were ever innocent.

What we are is a hopeful people, a good people, with values and morals, and a love for liberty. At least, that's what we have been.

But we have also been a divided nation. That is the inherent nature of a constitutional republic such as ours. All too often, we have glossed over our differences. We felt we could always come to an agreement eventually. A compromise. We could always work things out, some way or another.

That's what 9/11 changed. We no longer have the capacity for working things out, for compromise. 9/11 was a wound to the heart, mind, and spirit, and the wound is still raw and sore.

Instead of uniting us, 9/11 has if anything heightened our divisions. Now we notice them more and more, on matters that at one time we would have deemed unimportant, inconsequential. Now we see, maybe they weren't so simple, or minor, after all.

More and more now, Americans have started to solidify their differences.

The left now sees they aren't going to be able to gradually phase in their socialistic visions for the future of America. Where once the resistance was small though sturdy, that resistance has over the course of the last decade grown larger, stronger, and much more intense. The left has responded by becoming ever more agitated, ever more determined, ever more abusive in its hateful rhetoric.

The right now sees they can not compromise with those who want to change the nature of their country. And so they too have become ever more determined, ever more strident in their opposition to the left's manipulations and provocations.

The ruling elites, for their part, have gradually started to realize they can not take the gullibility of the American people for granted. It's no longer good enough to talk the talk. The minute they are honored with an elective office, they are expected to walk the walk. Some have adapted with more or less varying degrees of grace and sincerity, in the face of constant derision and berating, sometimes downright hostility, not from followers of the opposition party so much as from their own constituencies. They know the people are sick of the status quo, and when they see fresh faces from main street mingling with the good old boys (and girls) from the Ivy League and legal profession, they know they are in the midst of a sea change that could easily wash them away like yesterday's tide.

And the media, which once leisurely supported the ruling class by fiat, all the while pretending to be objective and non-partisan, while in reality being anything but that, is now faced with the dilemma of their own growing irrelevancy.

Even our gods and goddesses of the entertainment world are feeling the pressure, the glaring light and withering heat of derision, as more and more of them start to wonder why films that once would have been box office hits are avoided in droves.

It is a brave now world of anger, outrage, and despair. Yet, it is also a world of hope for the future. And it is up to all of us as to which one will eventually prevail. Do we have the patience, the intestinal fortitude, to see it through to the end? Or will we eventually give up hope, return to the status quo? The elites hope we eventually do just that. I hope we do not.

That, my friends, is the true legacy of 9/11.

Ironically, it might well prove to be the best damn thing that ever happened to us.

But one thing we can never do is sit on the sidelines and hope for the best.

Those days are gone forever.


Courtney from GrEaT sAtAnS gIrLfRiEnD will never let you down. Leave it to her to find the perfect feminine expression of the shock, despair, and grief of 9/11.

No Words

Smitty from The Other McCain has the perfect instrumental song in commemoration of 9/11. I say perfect because the song, called Ten Words by Joe Satriani, is actually an instrumental track with no words at all. Just Joe's feelings about the events of 9/11 aa expressed through his guitar virtuosity.

When you stop to think about it, words just do not suffice.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bush At Ground Zero

Who could ever forget this.

Blow Job Billy, Say What You Will, The Man Can Give A Speech

He actually made this speech yesterday at the Shanksville Pennsylvania Memorial, in honor of those brave airline passengers who overpowered the Muslim hijackers and in doing so probably saved the Capitol on 9/11. They lost their lives in the attempt when the plane crashed into a field in Cranksville. President Bush spoke first, and it is said to be a very moving speech as well (I haven't heard it yet).

But I wanted to bring your attention to Clinton's speech, very likely the best one of his life, as he compares the heroic passengers, all private citizens, to the Spartan Army of Thermopylae, and to the heroes of The Alamo. Men who knew they were going to die, but who willingly sacrificed themselves for the sake of their loved ones, and their country.

The heroes here did the same thing with very little time to prepare, and Clinton expresses his hopes that 2500 years from now, people will remember them as well. Very moving.

It Could Happen To You

Theo Sparks supplies this video of 9/11 families. Remembering

How Muslims Around The World Commemorate The Ten Year Anniversary Of 9/11

Zilla Of The Resistance has video of the burning of the American flag by Muslims savages outside the US Embassy in London. She also relays the account of how members of the EDL were attacked with knives by these same Islamic swine. And yeah, yeah, I know the EDL are supposed to be right-wing fascists. Remind me to give a shit when they fly a plane into one of our buildings, just don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Bottom line, whatever you think about groups like the EDL, their existence is made possible by the tendency of corrupt, weak, and dhimmi minded politicians to appease the fanatical swine by allowing the shit you can see in the following video.

The Unthinkable And The Unforgivable

Paul Krugman is not the only asshole leftist who disrespects the memory of 9/11, though he might be the most renowned of this group of jackals. Smitty at The Other McCain provides a screenshot of the post, if you can stomach to look at it. Theo Spark has a post at American Power Blog of an assorted collection of assholes. I didn't want to post anything about these kinds of people today, because I didn't want to give them a forum. All of them including Krugman are deserving of obscurity. But then I realized what I've always known. These people are a part of our society, and unfortunately they aren't going to go away whether we ignore them or not. They deserve our derision. Amazingly, in many cases they might actually be a lower order of scumbags than the Islamic savages who actually carried out the attacks.

9/11 Jumpers At The World Trade Center

This video is courtesy of Moonbattery. As shocking as the images of the planes smashing into the buildings followed by their demise was, the rarely seen images of actual human beings jumping to their deaths to avoid the intense heat of a fiery death really brings the human aspect into focus.

Celtic Battle Music

I got this from Theo Spark. It's a pictorial art montage of 9/11 images, set to the music of ancient Celtic battle music. It was supposedly played before a battle as a means of instilling courage, and concentrating focus on the task at hand, and perhaps most importantly of reminding the warrior about his duty to his tribe and his loved ones.

Remember Who The Enemy Is

Robert Stacy McCain reminds us who they are, and how they openly declared themselves, jubilantly and ecstatically, on the day thousands of Americans lost their lives through the capricious artifice of a barbaric system which is as much a militant political ideology as it is a religion.

Just in case you've forgotten, or are too young to remember-

Or even if you would just prefer to forget.

I know I never will.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The MSNBC GOP Presidential Show Trial-Er, Debate

Michelle Malkin tells you pretty much all you need to know about the MSNBC televised GOP Presidential debate held last night at the Reagan Library in California.

But since she doesn't believe in picking winners and losers, I'll add my two cents in that regard.

Winner-Michelle Bachmann. Hands down the best of the bunch last night. I say that not because I am in her corner, though I would definitely have zero problem voting for her, its just a fact. I found it instructive, and you might as well, that the post-debate analysts on MSNBC all to a person shrugged off her appearance and declared she was on the way to being a third tier candidate, and for that matter probably on the way out.

Yet, Bachmann was the only one of the night who had absolutely no missteps, made no mistakes, suffered not from foot in mouth distress, and yet who nevertheless did not back down in any way, shape, form or fashion from her core values and beliefs. She was stern, intense, solid, and serious, and somehow managed to convey this, along with a grasp of facts and knowledge, without coming across as humorless or fanatical. She also thankfully avoided the stump speech applause lines. She has shown signs of adaptability and growth, fine qualities for a presidential candidate.

No wonder the left-wing bozos from PMSNBC want her gone.

Mitt Romney-A fairly close second to Michelle, but not by a razor thin margin. He didn't stumble, didn't hurt himself, but at the same time his answers were predictable. He may have even helped himself to a degree with the conservative base of the party regarding RomneyCare, and his heartfelt beliefs in small limited government, but he still has some ground to cover, even though he did deliver a believable explanation as to why Democrat infested Massachusetts is quite different from Texas.

Newt Gingrich-Third place, not that it matters. But he served as the traffic cop of the night, belittling the attempts by Brian Williams and the Politico representative to turn the night into the Romney-Perry Show, as well as their obvious efforts to set the entire field at each others throats.

Steve Perry-Came in a disappointing fourth, in my opinion. He seemed ill at ease, and at times one got the impression he was trying very hard to control his anger. However, I must admit his response to Brian Williams attempt to portray him as heartless because of his support of the death penalty was top-notch.

In fact, Perry got the biggest applause of the night before he ever answered Williams' question as to "how do you sleep at night" (over Texas' death penalty record). When Williams expounded on the record, the crowd burst into applause, to Williams' chagrin. Perry seemed to seethe as he relayed his answer, pretty much to the effect that he and most Americans were fine with the death penalty. As he gave examples of those who deserved the ultimate punishment, his eyes seemed to bore into Williams with laser-like intensity.

Cain I would have to put at fifth, basically because he seemed rushed and hurried what very little time he had the floor. His answers were good, but he seemed frustrated at the lack of opportunity to expound further. His lack of patience is certainly understandable, but it still didn't help him.

Santorum, sixth place, likewise gave some good answers, but they were unlikely to be convincing ones.

Ron Paul comes in at seventh based primarily on his worth as comic relief. He did get in a good dig at Perry over the Gardasil debacle. Otherwise, it was the usual Ron Paul stand-up routine. Unbelievable, he decried the Mexican border fence for a reason I doubt anyone else might have ever considered. It might not be meant to keep Mexicans out so much as it might be meant to keep all of us in.

Because we might want to run off to______?

But by far the prize for overall boob of the night would have to go to last place finisher Jon Huntsman, the former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China who insists he is a solid conservative, despite the fact that he supports gay civil unions and is an unabashed believer in anthropogenic Global Climate Change.

He tried to sidestep attempts by the nights leftist moderators to identify who on the stage was in his opinion the biggest among the various right-wing loons, but the left's favorite Republican was put off his game. He said that in order for Republicans to win, they had to have somebody who would say they believe in what the majority of Americans supposedly believe, someone who could reach out to Democrats and Independents as well as Republicans. Yes, he actually said that. Apparently, you should either believe the way Huntsman believes, or if you do not, you should say you do anyway. Or maybe you should just shut up about it. In effect, he's the first candidate I've ever seen who's campaign commercials might seriously and legitimately begin, or end, with "I'm Jon Huntsman, and I approve this message. Because I'm going to tell you exactly what you want to hear."

Perhaps the biggest news of the night? The leftist hacks of MSNBC were so disgusted by his performance they declared his candidacy over in practically the same breath they doomed Bachmann's to the dustbin of irrelevancy.

But let's be crystal clear about one thing. This was not really a debate. This was a leftist media show trial.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Escape From The Shackles Of The Mind, Heart, And Soul

Lemuel Calhoun at Hillbilly White Trash has pulled out a real gem from the pages of American Thinker, one that says all you need to know about the historical attitude of the Democratic Party towards African Americans, and their resultant treatment and expectations of them. As is the case with most sociopaths, to the Democrats black people (and everyone else for that matter) exist for their benefit. The second that any any of them ever dare attempt to leave the plantation, Democrats show their true colors. The poster below is a modern day satire of the modern day attempts to keep black folks in line, just like they would go all out to recapture slaves from the antebellum South who tried to run off to the North, and to freedom, via the Underground Railroad.

Democrats of today of course act incensed at such accusations, insisting that blacks like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Allen West, and others act against their own best interests and those of blacks in general.

Liberals would undoubtedly point out that the vast majority of African Americans vote Democratic, and this is true. About ninety percent of them typically vote Democrat (out of the ones that vote), while more like ninety five percent voted for Obama.

But what they don't realize is this was true throughout the Jim Crow era. Like today, blacks in the Jim Crow, Democrat dominated South, felt they had no other choice.

It should also be pointed out that the many freedom-yearning blacks of the old southern slave states who dared to try to escape on the underground railroad probably likewise made up a very small percentage of the general population, most of whom were either content to remain as slaves, or afraid to try to achieve freedom. To be raised in shackles and chains and inculcated with a belief that you are inferior by reason of your birth and race has to have a debilitating effect on your outlook. How can you accept such a station in life without being filled with self-loathing and an overall feeling of worthlessness. How would you even cope if you suddenly were free?

Its probably no accident that black conservatives tend to be self-supporting as opposed to dependent on government support. Even those who may have gotten a hand up at one time, to attend school or other reasons, tended to not engage in a continuous lifestyle of government handouts. For the most part, they are not involved with drugs or gang violence. They might not all be renowned albeit controversial jurists, successful politicians, or millionaire businessmen and CEOs, but they do show a marked ability to achieve and maintain a lifetime of success.

Why in the hell would they want to go back willingly to a system that promises them a subsistence level income and an attitude that suggests they just can't make it without government help, which is instilled daily in their neighborhoods, churches, and schools?

Wild horses couldn't drag them back to that world. They have too much self-respect to live that way, and too much integrity to join the ranks of the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons in helping to force it on their own people.

That is exactly why they are the objects of scorn and derision, and even outright hatred, by the liberal Democratic elites, and even by their own people. It is an intensity of dislike born out of fear. In the case of their own people, it is a fear of the unknown, much the same as black slaves held in loathing those escaping slaves who felt they had made it harder on all of them. They would have probably willingly doled out a brutal punishment against any recaptured slave for much the same reason. To prove their loyalty, and their "worth".

As for the Democrats, those limousine liberals who have kept blacks in line for all these decades, the escaping African American conservative represents a dire threat to their power and supremacy over their political and societal plantation system. This is especially true should they achieve success in the world. They represent a way out, an escape from the slavery from which far too many black families have truly never been free.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy All (Non-Union) Workers Day

Labor Day isn't just for union workers, or shouldn't be. Here's an ad, starring Vincent Curatola (The Sopranos) from a couple of years back, made in opposition to Card Check-an attempt to eliminate the secret ballot in union elections. Vince, who played New York mob boss Johnny Sack on The Sopranos, is a conservative, and an enthusiastic supporter of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. As a born and raised New Jersey native, Curatola is well familiar with both the unintended and not so unintended consequences of union domination of a state's work force as pertains to the economy and general business climate. To say nothing of the overall corruption that follows along in its wake and infests the entirety of both the political and the societal culture.

The ad actually related the prevailing national mood and opinion, but it served to bring to light the dangers of such attempts at manipulation of work place rules by Big Labor and its political henchmen. Attempts to ram such legislation through Congress met with a well-deserved fate-utter, dismal failure.

Unfortunately, that's not the end of it. As with so many other things supported by Democrats, and this traitorous, unconstitutional, dictatorial Obama Administration, what they can't achieve through the front door of legislation, or through the back door of the court system, they'll gladly and maliciously impose anyway through the bureaucratic window of government agency regulation.

In this case the National Labor Relations Board is mandating an end to the secret ballot in the workplace. Just like they have refused Boeing, a private company, permission to open an entirely new plant (not move an old one, mind, but open a new one) in a right-to-work state.

Do me a favor, businessmen, employers, and entrepreneurs of America. Sit on your money for a year or two longer. Or if it takes that long, for another five or six, hell however long it takes. It's your money, its your company. Your business does not belong to the state, or to "the people". Its your money, your business, your property. Repeat-sit on it. I mean that in a friendly way, of course.

As for me, I won't buy one single product produced by union labor, unless its an absolute necessity. (Well, except for Coca-Cola. Not even I am that much of a fanatic). And if it gets right down to it, I'll even buy from CITGO, or worse, from companies owned by fundamentalist Muslims.

Hell, half of what I buy now I buy from the Chinese. Might as well double down on the spite.

Slavery-It's No Game

Over on Belchspeak I found out about a supposed new game. It's called Slavery-The Game

Most people tend to think its a fake, but the video posted under the name of JavelinReds has already gone viral. Naturally, it is controversial. But this is certainly understandable. The institution of slavery itself is no joke.

American slavery might well be, sadly, the most successful enterprise ever undertaken by the Democratic Party. And it is ongoing to this day. Democrats continued the institution by way of Jim Crow laws in the American South, well past the time it was legally abolished. The Democrats used segregation and other brutal tactics-for example, their terrorist, militant wing known as the Ku Klux Klan-to keep African Americans under subjugation for close to a century after the Civil War. When that sorry episode ran its course, they hijacked the nascent Civil Rights Movement, whereupon the little sharecroppers shacks were replaced by subsidized housing, welfare, food stamps, gun control laws, street gangs, and hard drugs. Oh, and of course, the promise of single parent families as ever increasing numbers of black males were shuffled off to prison. And then of course, abortion, which serves to keep the numbers of African Americans low, and manageable.

Today we see the long-term results of the Great Society. And under Barak Hussein Obama, the first bi-racial President that we know of, the black unemployment rate is double the national average. On the other hand, that is no surprise. While touted as the first African American President, Barak Obama is not truly African American by descent. He is half white, and half black of African immigrant descent, so in a way yes technically he is an "African American". But in reality, he is descended from a man whose white mother's ancestors owned slaves, and from a man who's Kenyan ancestors very possibly sold them. His only other connections to the hardships of being a black American is tenuous at best. He supposedly was passed up by a taxi cab on a number of occasions, and assumed without proof it was because he was black. He also had a white girlfriend, and she broke up with him for unspecified reasons.

Otherwise, his life is in no way typical of the black experience. How could it be? Obama is, it can't be stated too often, not descended from any past slave in America. On top of that, he was given every opportunity to advance and excel, and there is more than a little reason to believe that he was cut a lot of slack in regards to his scholastic performance. Of course, he had many backers among the university intelligentsia, just another episode in a long line of Marxist mentors.

And now he is President of the United States, and having had no experience of ever really facing any kind of credible, substantial opposition, without ever having been thoroughly vetted, after years of being propped up, idolized, and propagandized by the political and social elites and the media, the little straw boss that is Barak Hussein Obama is unable to cope with true criticism, opposition, and defeat.

But its more than his lack of experience at these matters which is the problem here. The real problem is, Barak Hussein Obama is not his own man. He is not the master of his ship. He is still down in the lower deck of the slave ship, bound by invisible chains. Those chains are not physical bonds, of course, they are mental and emotional ones imposed throughout his lifetime by the leftist hacks who have used him like a trained seal.

Its sad that the first "African-American" President had to be a Democrat. It was an iron-clad guarantee that he would be, and in fact is, no more than a highly polished and refined House Negro at best, and at worse, the Democratic Party's White House Lawn Jockey.

Slavery-The Game might well be a fake. But Slavery-The Institution is still alive and well.

Friday, September 02, 2011

If A Bear Shits In The Woods-Hell You Might Know The Guy

When the US Fish and Wildlife Service isn't busy protecting foreign jobs at the expense of non-unionized American jobs, they can be found in almost any part of the country, doing due diligence to protect hapless wild animals from the malicious encroachment into their territories by predatory human beings.

Sometimes, unfortunately, since they can't be everywhere at once (for now), bad things happen. And when it does, it falls on their shoulders to try to make matters right in the pursuit of justice for our furry cousins.

Take the recent case in Idaho, where a man saw a female grizzly and two of her cubs on his property. Fearing for the safety of his children, and his livestock, the man killed the bear (it is also being reported by some that he also killed the cubs), at which point he immediately called Fish And Wildlife-who promptly arrested him and are in the process of potentially preparing charges against him.

His neighbors in Boundary County have been overwhelmingly supportive of the man, helping to raise money for his defense. So heavily attended was his arraignment in Couer D'Elene they had to move the hearing to a larger courtroom. If convicted, he could spend a year in prison and have to pay as much as a fifty thousand dollar fine.

All because he didn't want his children to end up like the following two hikers. Understandable. Imagine the image of this happening to one of your children in front of your eyes, seared into your brain.

Or hey, how's about this?

Now suppose this happens to you and you lose a loved one to a bear in this manner. How are you going to vote in the next election, Democrat or Republican? Yes, it is a political issue, and will remain so for as long as the Democrat Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the radical environmental movement. I've posted previously on how this crew has run roughshod over Kentucky law, making it illegal to hunt bear only outside of one day out of the year (a time of year when you're highly unlikely to find any bears, seeing as how they hibernate during the winter), and further limiting the type of weapon that can be used. You know, just to make it fair to the bear. And make no mistake, you can't kill a bear in Kentucky either, even if it gets on your property. Hell, even if it tries to break into your house. That wouldn't be fair either, I guess.

If you ended up like this victim of an Alaskan polar bear, would you think it was fair?

Poor guy, I guess he shouldn't have run. He should have played dead. Or no, that's for grizzlies. For black bears you shout and make noise. For polar bears, I don't know, but I do know you don't run, any bear will outrun you. Carry bear pepper spray if out camping or hiking. That should really piss them off. If you're in your house, well, don't set out the trash. Just keep it piled up inside until garbage day. Above all, don't panic. After all, when a raging, hungry, or overprotective animal weighing anywhere from 400 to 800 pounds or more comes charging at you with the speed of a locomotive,roaring and snarling as he prepares to eat you alive, you have to stay calm.

And remember, like all other vicious wild animals, the Democrats need bears. Not just because of the money they rake in from the environmental movement, which is almost unarguably the main reason. They also need them to thin out the population of deers, elk, moose, etc., that so many red state folks like to cravenly hunt for food and sport. Otherwise, this hunting thing might catch on with more and more people who would willingly take up the slack caused by a diminishing of the bear population. To say nothing of the fact that a dearth of bears, wolves, cougars, etc., might result in cheaper meat due to relief from the burden and expense of having to protect livestock from predators, as well as the expense of when they fall prey to the beasts.

But more importantly perhaps, it will serve to keep humans out of those areas that need to remain pristine, untouched by human hands, except of course those tree-hugger freaks that know how to do it right.

And the fact that much of this would kill the tourism industry, to places like Yellowstone? Reduction in tourism dollars to red states is gravy to a Democrat. If the bears don't get you, a Democrat will. Luckily, there were enough witnesses to the Yellowstone mauling, in addition to surviving victims, to convince Fish And Wildlife to hunt and trap the offending bear, a mother who was teaching her cubs to hunt humans. See, Fish And Wildlife are looking out for our constitutional rights. They understand that a bear has no more right to hunt humans than a human has a right to hunt bear. On the other hand, if she had just mauled the guy to death without witnesses, they would have assumed she was just acting out of concern for her cubs and left her, and them, alone. Another lesson to take from all this. Don't go hiking alone. If it comes down to your word against the bears, the bears will get the benefit of the doubt every time.

So get with the program, and remember, if you ever come face to face with a bear-be calm, relaxed, don't run, and if he attacks, just go limp. If you have a gun, don't shoot. Remember, firearms are illegal in federal areas. Try to talk with Mr. Bear. Maybe if you sing to him? If he ends up picking you up in those big powerful jaws, just hang in there. He might just be trying to play with you, or give you a stern warning. Hopefully you won't end up like this idiot.

But if you do, console yourself with the fact that we are all just another part of the food chain. Try not to concentrate on the fact that the last evidence of your existence on earth might well be in the form of bear shit. And if it happens to your children, your wife, girlfriend, parents-what of it? After all, what are they? In reality, we are all just atoms, molecules, dust in the wind.

Besides, we can always pray for the day we will be reunited with our loved ones in a better, brighter, happier world.

As long as you don't do it in public, that is.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Obama's Bullshit Bingo

Debbie at Right Truth presents this far safer alternative to the old standby, the drinking game. Cos let's face it, taking a shot of Jack for every line of bullshit Obama spews out of his mouth tonight could probably leave you dead from alcohol poisoning.

(Click to enlarge)

UPDATE-Zilla, she of The Resistance, has informed me that the "lecture" by our gasbag President will actually be tomorrow night, which means I'll probably be watching the far less predictable (and definitely less boring) NFL opener.

Damn, now come to find out the speech isn't tonight, it's next Thursday night, September 8th. The GOP debate is Wednesday night, September 7th. Now hopefully this will be the last correction.