Friday, April 28, 2006

Blush, War Geek Ogre

Here’s a bit of fun you can have if you are bored, and actually this can be quite addicting. Take a phrase or any persons name, and see how many annagrams you can find. Ahh, but now comes the tricky part. You have to find an anagram that is descriptive of the person or phrase, as much as is possible.

For example, the phrase, “Blush, War Geek Ogre” is itself, as you mght guessed by now, an anagram-for George Walker Bush.

For William Jefferson Clinton you have “Jilts nice women. In for fall.”

For Ronald Wilson Reagan you get “No darling, no ERA law”

Richard Milhouse Nixon? What better than “His climax-ruined honor”

Not everything you get of course will be so descriptive, but a good lot of it will be eerily so. You can play around with them a bit as well. For example the phrase “President Clinton of the USA” will yield, in anagram form, the phrase “To copulate he finds interns”.

All this makes me wonder if you might be able to predict the future of a person by way of anagrams. Might there be some subconscous effect that certain letters in combination will have that is inherent in their overall structure, regardless of how they are arranged, which will manifest itself in a persons life. For the hell of it, I elected to do a prediction on the girls in the Aryan music band Prussian Blue. Their mother April, as well, who seems to be like an eagle, protective of her daughters, and aggressive in her desire to promote them, and through them herself, as a leader in the Aryan movement.

As for the girls themselves- Lamb will eventually come to have growing doubts about the Aryan movement, maybe even some regrets. Lynx, it seems, will eventually marry a man, possibly the former husband of a friend, who will turn out to be gay.

Of course, you can do all this the lazy way, as I did, and prefer to do everything, by clicking on the link in the post title. Many words contain thousands of anagrams, of course, but the site here will only give you one anagram per person or phrase. More than that, you have to pay for an account. But it is still hours of potential fun, and who knows, you might gain some insights into a persons nature. Some things just can’t be explained away as coincidence.

Under The Persian Rug

I think there might be more than meets the eye to the current Iranian crisis, but I am aving a hard time figuring out just what it is. They insist they want nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, yt everybody else it seems is up i arms about it. The UN, as impotent as ever, has treatened sanctios against them, but the Iraians are adamant, they will proceed with the project. They recently announced they had succeeded in enricing uranium.

They could obviously not hope to produce a nuclear device in any significant amounts in the near future, and large scale productionof nuclear weapons is unlikely even inte long trm, if they did produce some it would doubltess be more useful as a deterrent for invasion thananything else. Even this I believe is a secondary rationale, the main one being simply a patriotic drive to unite the country in asserting its national soveignty over it’s own internal affairs.

Of course, I do not want the Iranians to have the bomb-not even one. On the other hand, I find their possession of a handful of nukes no more troubling than those possessed by the highly unstable nation of Pakistan. Add to tis the possession of nukes by pakistans taditional enemy, India, and yo ave a recipe for eventually disaster, I am very muc afraid. All it takes is for the wrong people to ascend to power in Pakistan. Yet, this is seldom mentioned, probably for good reason.

The Iranians make a far better boogey man, and diversion. What if it were to turn out that they do indeed want nuclear energy, just for the purposes of producing electricity? If so, this could be nothing but good. This would be good for the environment, in at least a small way, as nuclear enegy,in additon to being cheap and efficient, is clean, so long as the facilities are safe. In addition, this would free up more, much more, crude oil to go onto the world market, which by all rights should help to decrease the price of home heating fuel and gasoline. It might additionally force other nations to follow suit, including the U.S.

Unfotunately, everyone has become aware of late of the influence of the multi-national oil compnaies on the global economy, and on the governments of the ever growing industrialized world. Is that really the true unwritten story behind all the international hand wringing?

Sacred Symbols

The current Pope, Benedict, has just recently passed the one year mark of his papacy,and so far the most controversial issue he has faced may well be a poster on a Roman cathedral which is an advertisement for the up and coming release of the movie “The DaVince Code”. Due to many protests voiced by several priests and bishops in Italy, it was decided the poster had to be removed.

I am not a big fan of the Roman Catholic Church’s history. They have, despite their propoganda to the contrary, been ever at the forefront of denying progress, in science as well as the arts, and even in the area or human rights of self-determination. There is little in Church history that is admirabe in these regards, though they have made some significant stides in recent decades to try to atone for this.

On the other hand, during the last few decades they have also demonstrated that,when it comes to equal rights for women and gays, they are still the same old ideologically extremist hirarcical organization. On the illegal imigration in America issue, they come down semingly on the other ideological extreme, self-servingly encouraging as many ilegal immigrants as possible, doubtless out of a hope for greater political and social power over the nation through these traditionally Catholic, to the point of superstition, followers.

They are still yet, after all these centuries,no friend to science, advocating the unfortunate position they do regarding the utilization of stem cell rsearch. Now, they are proving themselves the unobjective critic of popular culture as well, by their objections to the contents of Dan Browns novel.

I read the novel, and personally, I was unimpressed, though I am hopeful that Director Ron Howard will actually turn the movie into a work that will match the hype which the book, for me, did not live up to. Whether it does this or not, the Catholic Churc should grow up. It’s been around for going on two thousand years, so it’s about time, I would say. Their objections betray a fear of loosing power and influence, which is understandable seeing as how their power and influence is based on smoke and mirrors to begin with. Why else worry about something as trivial as a second rate (at best) novel? I mean, the book is a work of fiction, right? It’s not a true story.

Or is it? Remember, Dan Brown recently won a lawsuit by the authors of a book which was a non-fiction work called “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, said authors having acussed Bown of plagiarsing their work. It is based on the proposition that Chrisitanity was originaly a duolithic religion, and that Mary Magdalene was Christs partner, lover, and soul mate. They were, according to this theory, married. And that is not all. They had a child, a girl, whom Mary, following Christs crucifixion and eventual resurrection and ascension ito heaven, took with her to Gaul, now of course knwn as France. This girl eventually married and her descendants formed the Merovingian Dynasty of rulers, who were eventually all executed by the Church as heretics. From that point on, the remaining surviving descendants of Crist and Mary Magdalene have been forced to go into hiding, protected by a small cabal of followers that included, among other notables, Leonardo DaVinci. The Church, according to this theory, will stop at nothing to eliminate every last one of them as a means of protecting their hold on power.

Of course, I do not believe this, yet I find myself in a curious psition in that, if it were true, I would find myself for once on the side of the Roman Cathoic Church. As horrendous and at times as hideous as their excesses have been, I wonder what it would be like if it were suddenly revealed that Christ (whom I do not believe actually existed as a living person) did indeed have descendants living today.

Human natue being what it is, I have no doubt that this descendant, or descendants, would quickly amass a following, and a huge one. I have no doubt that the descendants of Jesus Christ would be themselves viewed as veritable gods in the flesh, whose every utterance would be treated as infallible, as a divine ordinance, to be adhered to without question, on pain of death.

Yeah, I would have to side with the Church on this one. The world has enough trouble as it is.

May Day! May Day!

So it looks like the May 1st immigrant boycott is on, and has drawn support from a widely diverse sector of the American public. Not just from Latinos of both documented and undocumented status, but from others as well, notably from Islamic, Jewish, and Christian sources, in addition to some pundits and various sections of the legal community, specifically civil rights advocates.

As the old saying goes, two could play that game, unfortunately they probably won’t. The American public,including the conservatives, have been living in an unreal fantasy land for decades now. Very few Americas are willing to make hard sacrifices, which is one reason things have deteriorated to the level they have.

Yet, ironically, it wouldn’t really be that hard. What would happen, for example, if Americans were to boycott all employers who made it a practice to hire illegal aliens? I feel pretty confident this issue would soon pale into relative insignificance. How hard could it be to boycott products produced by these people? Okay, so you might have to cut back on some purchases, man of which are unnecessary to start out with, if not outright luxuries.

Even purcases of fruits and vegetables might be reduced, say cut in half. Of course, chances are you would have to maintain that level once prices rose, but on the other hand, maybe this would be a temporary result. If farm subsidies were given to farmrs who actually produce, based on their rate of production, and farmers were given sufficient tax credits, there might be no need for any price increases, but that is another story.

The point is, it is disingenous for immigration advocates to suggest that people like the Minutemen- and others who are oppossed to the swarms of undocumented Mexican workers who now number an estimated twelve million- are xenophobic bigots. While that might be true in individual cases, this is not always the case. In most instances, Anglos simply want immigration to be limited to reasonable levels, immigration laws enforced and respected, and the rights of American workers, including legal immigrants, to be upheld, which would include the payment of a fair wage and benefits.

And so I would suggest that, until this transpires, an effective counter measure to the currently proposed boycott by immigrant workers would be a similar boycott by American citizens against any and all products produced by companies that insist on hiring illegal immigrants. Sure, it would cause some pain, some discomfort, but nothing worthwhile is easy.

Vacation Withdrawal

Since I am on the subject of boycotts, how about a driving boycott? How hard could it be for American drivers to have a boycott on summr vacation driving. Do you really have to drive to DisneyWorld? The Smokey Mountains? Grand Canyon? Yellowstone? Why?

It has been my experience that vacations are more often than not more stressful than relaxing. And people that drive hundreds of miles to their destinations might well find that a good one fourth of their vacation is spent on the time it takes to get there and back, along with the inevitable navigation though traffic once you arrive at your destination. After you finally settle in and you have had a days rest, you are probably counting the hours you have left before you have to return.

What do you get for it all? A few pictures, and a handful of memories that almost never match your initial hopes. And you’ve probably blown at least a months worth of wages, all for the opportuity to get to wonder whether Tigger was feeling up your little girl.

The truth is, if you have to drive somehwere, you can probably find a place right in your own state where you can enjoy yourself at least as much for a fifth of the cost and a tenth of the stress.

The best thing about it is, if enough people actually did it, it would be by far the best way to really stick it to the oil companies.

Those Fat Ass Bulgarians

Condoleeza Rice has just made a deal whreby the great American Empre has been extended to the nation of Bulgaria. Is this what the great so-called Cold War was really all about after all? I remember back during the height of tensions between America and it’s allies with the former Soviet Union, Bulgaria was easily one of the most, if not the most, hardened and ardent communist dieards within the entire Soviet dominated Eastern European Gulag of Nations, known as the Warsaw Pact. Now, they are an erstwhile American ally, it seems. Rice has just signed a treaty that will make Bulgarian military bases accessible to American and NATO troops.

So that’s what all those billions of dollars were for. Funny, I was always of the hopes that after the fall of the Soviet Union, American troops could return from Europe, and from most if not all other places they are stationed. Well, you can just knock me over with a bowl of borscht right now, as it seems we are there to stay.

Yet, it may turn out that this policy of coca colonization may hide a wisdom heretofore unknown to me. Who knows, seeing as how billions of dollars of American money is now going to hopefully insure, through our military, the dominance of American capitalism througout at least the Euopean world, maybe it is in the hopes that Eastern European children, and others througout Europe and Asia, become eventually no more healthy than our own American children. We just have to make sure they all have the opportunity to waddle their fat asses down to their local neighborhood MacDonalds every day, so that eventually they, too, can be lifted by cranes in and out of their desks at school.

A Change Of Heart

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. I have gotten so tired of extreme leftists trying to dominate liberal politics, and largely suceeding in doing so, I have finally come to the conclusion that the only hope for the Democratic Party in making any kind of a comeback as a viable option in American politics is if they have their asses handed to them one or two more times, maybe even three or four. Whatever it takes, I am game. Of course, it means the Republicans will further wreck the county, but hell, they are doing it anyway, why spoil the fun? Until the Democrats stop allowing themselves to be manipulated and influenced by the Far Left, it is a far gone conclusion, at any rate.

The Far left seems to have the attitude, the arrogant idea, that because things are going ever so badly now, the American people have no choice but to allow them to push their own whacky ideas down their throats. And they are wrong. But far be it for me to resist them, not any more.

And so, in that spirit, I present the first of many revisions of my offical position. The Far Left insists that we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately, well, so do I. And, like them, I insist that any Democratic candidate who gets my vote will have to take the position as well. Therefore, I must join in the efffort to insure that the man or woman who gets the Democratic nomination for president in ’08 is the one that will take that position. Having insured the nomination by taking this position, he or she will be then stuck with it for the remainder of the election cycle. That person will not be allowed to modify his position in the general election in order to “play to the center”.

No waiting around, we want out this minute, regardless of what the overall results will be on the country of Iraq. Bring our boys home now, immediately, none of this phasing out nonense.

In the meantime, I will join my new found far Leftist allies in pushing for the impeachment of George W. Bush. That is what the American people really want the Democrats to devote their time to. The American public doesn’t care about things like the environment, health care, minimum wage increases, education, strengthening social security, or any of those other things, and they don’t want their representatives in Washington wasting their time on them either. They want them to devote all their time and energies to impeaching the President of The United States, even if it means the nations business is otherwise ground to a completely halt.

After all, everybody knows that George W. Bush was the actual perpetrator of 9/11. The whole thing was a psy-ops operation. Those supposed “Live” shots of those planes flying into those buildings were a bit of Holywood trickery, an illussion. The buildings were actualy imploded by well placed explosive charges, the work of a highly trained demolition crew disguised as maintenance workers.

Was the news media fooled? Hell no, they were in on it, in fact, an integral part of the deception. Even the highly esteemed CNN was in on it. Why do you suppose Paula Zahn had just recently left Fox News for CNN? This was all part of the show, just more evidence of the culpability of the mass media, who are actually all controlled by the same corporatist capitalists, known collectively as Neo-Cons. That is why Ted Turner was pushed out of CNN. The one man who could not be bought and sold, so he had to be gotten rid of, as he could not be allowed to catch on to this devious plot. They knew he would never stand for it, and would spill the beans.

And so, our own government committed mass murder against it’s own citizens, and tried to blame an innocent bunch of Arab Muslims. They even invented a fictitous figurehead known as Osama Bin Laden-obviously a Right Wing conservative Hollywood actor.

The next time you see him, take a real good look at him. His height, the obvious fake beard, the hair dye and otherwise to make him look younger, much younger, than he actually is. Yes, Osama Bin Lade is none other than that god damned Charlton Heston. Who better to play a religious figure? What do you think he’s been doing all this time since making that faked announcement that he had come down with “Alzheimers”? Haven’t seen him around muc since then, ave you now? Uh huh. See?

I’m so glad I have finally opened my eyes and seen clearly the truth of what the Far Left has been saying for all these years. If only I had listned to them sooner. But it is hopefully never too late to make amends.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Place Of A Skull

I've been sitting on this story for quite awhile, because frankly I really don't know what quite to make of it. It may be an incidental story, of little or no importance. It may have implications as bizarre as it appears to be on the surface. As far as that goes, there might not be a word of truth to it. But it is interesting as hell, so I repeat it here, with the admonition that, by all rights, I can not vouch for it's authenticity. It is certainly interesting, however, and worth looking into.

It involves a man by the name of James Wirt, a United States Atttorney General from the year 1817 until 1829, a man who argued more than 170 cases before the United States Supreme Court and who, in 1807, was the prosecutor in the conspiracy trial of Aaron Burr.

Wirt also, in 1832, was a candidate for President of the United States for the Anti-Masonic Party. Not too many years after this, Wirt died, reportedly from a cold. He was buried in a tomb, deep inside a crypt.

Until, that is, his skull was discovered sitting on a shelf in the office of Washington D.C. Council Member Jim Graham, where it had evidently been for some time. According to Graham, an openly gay D.C. Councilman and immigrant of as yet undetemined origin, he had gotten the skull from a book shop owner by the name of Alan Stypeck. Stypeck, in turn, said he acquired the gruesome souvenier from a cleaning supplies salesman by the name of Robert White, who died in 2003, and who used to have a John F. Kennedy Museum in his basement.

In order to determine whether the skull actually belonged to Wirt, forensic anthropologist Douglas Owlsley was called in. After swimming through an ocean of red tape, Owsley finally had the tomb opened. In addition to the skeleton of Wirt, reported with a large hole in the side of the skull, there were other bodies, including one that was not listed. Stuffed behind a metal ladder that leads down to the tomb was the skeleton of a baby, which Owsley believes to have been a recent addition. From here it was hinted strongly that there may have been some form of ritual sacrifice involving this infant, and Wirts anti-Masonic connections were further noted in this regard.

Graham insits that he is not in the habit of collecting skulls or other body parts, and that he knows nothing about the skulls origins or how it came to be in the possession of Mr. White, or why, or anything other than his presentation of it by the aforementioned Mr. Stypeck.

The origin of this story is actually quite vaque, and I have heard no references to it anywhere. It is worth noting, however, that Congressman Graham, in addition to advocating for the rights of immigrants to vote in local elections, and himself representing a district which has a heavy immigrant population, and which in fact has no single racial or ethnic majority, has made doubltess quite a few enemies.

In fact, he is an enemy of slumlords everywhere, and a perusal of his web-site (which is linked to by way of the post title) would reveal that he has probably made many wealthy and powerful enemies in this regard. He also takes a tough stance on businesses such as bars that don't enforce safty standards. He has even proposed that any bar where a murder has occurred should be closed.

Yet, he is pro-police, and has proposed additional hiring of cops, asking for more than 200 in his district. So, it is easy to see why some would consider him as much of a nuisance as he does a good many of the properties he would have either torn down or forcibly rehabilitated.

Yet, is this story a clumsy attempt by someone to embarrass him, or is it actually a matter of pure fiction?

Or, is there a sinister truth somewhere here that is hiding just below the surface, a truth that should have remained buried, lo, these last one hundred seventy years.

Whatever the case, it is worth noting, by the way, that next year-2007-will mark the 200th anniversary of the treason trial of Aaron Burr, the trial William Wirt prosecuted, albeit unsuccessfully.


The Strange Case Of Mary Moses

One of the more detrimental negatives of a Democracy, which are considerable, is the insatiable need of public officials to play to their consttuents. In th case of District Attorneys, this oftentimes manifests itself as a need to prove beyiond al doubt that they are doing what they actualy do rarely, which is adminsiter justice in a fair and impartial manner. Mnay times this rsults in a phenomenon for which the old Soviet Union was often criticized,and rightly so-the spectacle of the “show trial”, that heinous exhibtion of perverse justice meant mainly for public consumption.

Such would seem to be the case with 53 year old Mary Moses, who, upon being inexplicably released from a mental institution, where she has been for a decade following the murder of her third husband, has now been decided is fit to stand trial for that murder. She had set the trailor on fire where he and she had lived while in an intoxicated state, intending, she said, to kill herself as well. She survived,whileher husband died of smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

She has had quite a hellish life. Beginning at the age of five or six years old, she was forced by her mother to engage in sex with adult menm, for money. At one point, in order to force compliance, her mother beat her with a baseball bat. Her father also sexually abused her. She finally ran away from home as a teenager,whereupon she soon met her future third husband, who at the time took her under his wing. He then got her addicted on drugs and also forced her into a life of prostitution, as well as forcing her to strip for money.

Sometime later she met her first husband, who in some way yet to be explained, used her for “target practice”. She watched her second husband, a diabetic, die in front of her eyes, loosing one limb at a time. Then, finally, she married John Moses, who at least once in their marriage forced her to have sex with a dog.

Due to all this, and who knows what all else, Mary Moses, according to psychologists, developed at least a dozen separate and distinct personalities, some of them children, some adult-some male, some female. Many of these personalities were in conflict with others. They did not always get along. It may have been the voice of one of these personalities that she heard tell her,while heavily intoxicated, to set fire to the trailor she was sharing with Moses, to kill him and herself, in order for her to join the spirit of her dead second husband in heaven.

Yet, now that she has been suddenly released, it has been deemed that she should be fit to stand trial, and after a two hour contentous hearing, over the strident objectons of her public defender, Kate Dunn, this was indeed the decision was made by Fayette County Circuit Judge James D. Ishmael. Yet, not even the psychiatrist who testified for the prosection, denied the history of Mary Moses, or that her education level is at roughly the second grade-only that she is aware of the charges agaisnt her, and so is fit to stand trial. He expressed some skepticism about the multiple personality disorder, saying she remembers the crime, eve thogh intoxicated, and therefore is criminally responsible.

When one of the defense psychologists questioned Free about the sordid past of Mary Moses, he did not dispute it, yet offerred no evaluation as to whether this changed anything, and in fact asserted that his evaluation was a competent one. A second defense witness, psychologist Peter Schilling, admitted that Moses could technically stand trial, and assist in her own defense, but that her condition might well deteriorate during the course of a trial, and that evaluation as to criminal responsibility might well be a differnet story.

In the meantime, there is every possibility that Mary Moses could face the death penalty for murder and arson, although Assistant Commonwealths Attorney Andrea Mattingly Williams stated that prosecutors have not decided yet whether to seek capitol punishment.

Obviously, this being an election year, they need to keep their fingers wet and sticking up in the air for a while before they make this decision. The sad thing, the scary thing, is that they needed to go to the extent they have so far to prove they are tough on crimes committed by crazy white female trailor trash.

Go Not Quietly

Sally Jacobsen wanted her retirement as a professor in the language and literature department of Northern Kentucky University to be remembered. She wanted to go out with a bang. And so, she told a bunch of her students to stage a counter protest against a display erected on campus by a group called Northern Kentucky Right To Life.

This display, near the University Center, consisted of roughly 400 crosses, which were meant to represent a cemetary for aborted fetuses. Although it is unknown for sure whether Jacobsen herself actually took part in the vandalism, she did admit to encouraging it, and as a result has been placed on leave until that day of her retiement.

She did admit leading a group of graduate srtudents to the area. No word as of yet on what action may be taken against the students who took part in the vandalism. Whatever it might be, they certainly have Sally Jacobsen to thank for this blight on their records, even though they realy should have known better.

And pro-choice advocates everywhere can thank her as well for this stupid stunt, which should be seen by them as a public relations disaster.

The ones, however, who really owe her a debt of gratitude are the very Northern Kenucky Right To Life group she so opposses. These are the same bunch of fanatics who once blocked the helicopter landing of Paul Patton, the former Governor of Kentucky, on the grounds of a Covington Catholic Church, necessitating his return to Frankfort. It would be hard to imagine anyone making this bunch look reasonable by comparison, but Sally Jacobsen-just one old fool determined to make a name for herself-has actually suceeded in making them look mainstream, if only for a brief while.

A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All

Ramsey’s Diner, on Brian Station Road in Lexington Kentucky will no longer be holding happy hours at it’s restaurant, though owner Bob Ramsey promises the tradition will continue at the other four restaurants owned by him. His reasons for stopping the practice at the Brian Station diner are due mainly to liability concerns. According to him, happy hour drew a large crowd, especially on Friday nights, that was becoming increasingly boisterous. Additionally, though the diner was conceived primarily as a famiy type restaurant, it was, according to Ramsey, becoming more like a bar.

Before finally taking the step of ending Happy Hour for good, Ramsey had over the previous weeks barred a good many patorns from his establishemnt based on their conduct. A lot of these customers were black, though according to Ramsey, a good many of them were white as well.

So,naturally, as you might have guessed, Ramsey has been accussed-of course-of racism. “You could just tell it was a racial thing”,opined one black former patron. No word on any lawsuits, as of yet, due to the previous barring or for any other discriminatory policy, real or imagined. Still,of course, this story went public doubtless due to bitterness from former patrons who evidently have elected to play the race card.

Ramsey seems generaly unperturbed about this. He knows he will lose out on the licquor sales, but insists the liaility concerns were never worth it, to say nothing of the trouble it was causing. Moreover, he expects the restaurant buisness will pick back up. And, as stated, his other four establishments will continue the practice of Happy Hour.

Funny, I must have missed that part of the Constitution that made Happy Hour a constitutional and a civil right.

An Open And Shut Case

John Michael Montgoemry might get a reprieve on his coming day on court, despite the fact that, after leaving a lexington area bar, he war arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated, and had in his possession, in addition to a concealed handgun, some prescription drugs out of their proper containers.

So why might he get off? Is it because he is a celebrity, a well known and admired Kentucky native, and so the prosecutors are inclined to give him a break?

No, it is because of five different Lexington police officers who made the mistake of posting jourals, some with photos, on the popular internet site MySpace. Not just personal stuff, either, but work related information as well. A good many of their posts contained derogatory views as to a lot of their suspects, in partcular noted was insulting comments relating to gays and the handicapped.

One of these officers, a Joshua Cromer, was the arressting officer of John Michael Montgomery, and he and his fellow officers openly discussed the case on Cromers journal, with the others congratulating him on such a high profile arrest.

Yet another officer, Gene Haynes, on his own journal, posted a photo of John Michael Montgomery, which had been altered by Cromers face being superimposed on the body of a fan in the picture.

As a result of these antics, Montgomery’s attorneys have stated that this could have a tremendous impact on the case, as the motives for arresting Montgomery appear to be questionable.

Haynes forrhis part has since apologized for the affair, though he and all the other five have been placed on leave and have been administratively charged.

One Hundred Years-A Lot Could Happen Yet

It has been one hundred years and a day since the great San Francisco earthquake that destroyed the city in the year 1906. According to official estimates, a similar quake today would result in property losses of hundreds of billions of dollars, though loss of lives might not be so great as one might expect, numbering potentially in the thousands, though not the tens of thousands. This is due in part to the stuctural improvements mandated by strict building codes, and even many of the older buildings have been refitted to meet these codes. Yet, a good many of them are behind, and so are vulnerable. Many more that have been “retrofitted” would doubltess still be damaged,some severely, and others doubtless yet destroyed, depending on the severity and the exact locsation of the quake. Then, of course, there are power lines, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, roads, bridges, tunels, railroads, etc., wich would doubltess be impacted. Thankfully, due to improvements in the abilities of seismic measuring instruments to predict the onset of a quake, there is a better than just a good chance, I am guessing, that the Golden Gate Bridge could be cordoned off, and hopefuly emptied of traffic, befor the coming quake might well send it collapsing into the Pacific.

And when I say coming quake, make no mistake about it. It is coming. Acording to experts, it is not a matter of if,it is a matter of when.

I wish that I had the pwer to turn myself,just for tonight,into a million different people. I would send all one million different copies of myself out to all the various church denominations that meet on Wednesday nights, especially themor conservative churches. It would be interesting to hear just how many frothing at the mouth preachers would be preaching the words I know that at least a large percentage are going to speak.

San Francisco, that modern day Sodom, will one day be doomed, just as that great anient city was destoryed by fire,so too will San Fancisco, when all it’s gas lines erupt into a blazing inferno, burning people who are trapped inside their crumbling buildings, which cannot withstand the wrath of God’s holy judgement, no matter how well buildt they are, before they finally join all San Francisco as it tumbles into the ocean.

The only thing missing will probably be Lot’s wife, and who knows, she may end up in the scenario as well. But even if she does not, even if there are no angels for the evil denizens of San Francisco to attempt to rape, doubtless the Far Right Cristians can coneive of no other punsihment than for San Francisco to collapse, erupt into flames and burn, then slide into the ocean, completely destroyed with, as Sodom, no hope of ever being recovered, left with nothing whatsoever.

Of course, it just has to happen before Bush leaves office.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I Love A Tattoo

I would never get a tatoo my own self, but for some reason almost nothing turns me on like the site of a woman with a well placed tatoo. Whether it’s a snake coiling around an ankle and slithering coyly up a well shaped inner thigh,or a colorful hummingbird or butterfly on a flat and tight abdomen, or flowers or a fountain that spring up from, well, wherever. Darker, more ominous symbols are not unbecomming either.

Add to this the technique of piercing and you have a double turn on. It started out with nose piercings, in addition to multiple piercings of earlobes and upper ears, in rows, then came the tonque piercings, the nipples, and the navels, and I said to myself, okay now they’ve gone too fucking far. This is sado-masochistic to an unfathomable degree, and painful to look at, let alone what it must be to endure. Not for me. What about the threat, the very real danger, of infection of these most sensitive areas?

I will admit I did once entertain the notion, and sometimes I still do, of having my tonque split in two,up to about the halfway point of my inner mouth, between the lips and the tonsils. Not pierced,mind you, but split. Yes, like a snake. I wouldn’t do this just for the looks, mind you, but for the – well, put it this way, split tonques have an inherent functionality that can’t be matched in certain areas. I’ll leave it at that.

Nevertheless, I changed my mind. What if I lost my tongue due to a raging out of control infection that couldn’t heal? What of the inherent dangers of infection that might present themselves to perhaps some people more than others in any of the more unorthodox areas favored by the piercing faddists that abound to ever greater numbers?

It has always been at the backof my mind-what are they going to start piercing next? Their pussies? Wellll, make a long story short, the included picture is just one of a number that you can see in the link provided in the title of this post. It is by far the most atractive example of the photos therein, which includes more specific examples of piercings of the inner labia, the outer labia, the clitoral hood, and, yes, even the clitoris itself. Not for the feint hearted.

I have to admit though, if a woman were to present to me in real life a pussy as attractively tattooed and pierced as the one in the photo above, I would doubtless be unable to resist, after staring some time in appreciation, jumping all over it like a –like a-oh hell, never mind.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

The big time had come to my little town of Mt. Vernon Kentucky, in the form of “Silver Stars” a photography studio that had recently opened up under the ownrship and management of a photographer, a Martin, oriignally from Alabama. He seems to have specialized in teenage and pre teen youth, and seems to have had quite a lucrative business in preparing agency submission photographs of children whose parents had fuzzy little dreams of their little darlings becoming stars, the idols of millions, and, of course, rich enough to insure mommy and daddy would forever live in the comfy and cozy lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Unfortunately, he seems to have run afoul of the law when it turns out the media that his clients were aiming for were not exactly, shall we say, on the up and up. The up and in, now that’s a different story. Yes, Mr. Martin, as I’m sure you have guessed by now, made photographs of some of his clients engaginging in sexual acts. At least three of his clients, in fact, have been “victimized” in one way or another.

Of course, this begs the question, just how does a man from another state, not even a bordering one at that, with no apparent connections to the area, proposition teenage clients in this fashion?

“Hey, do you think you might be interested in making porno movies? Pays not the best to start out with, but it pays real well if you stick with it, you can even be rich and famous. Of course, you have to be willing to have all different styles and varieties of sex with anybody your boss tells you to.

Somehow, I doubt that it was quite that way, I have an idea that some of his clients, including possibly the parents, were casually shown, included amongst his portfolio, examples of his “art”. Having seen these examples of his work, doubtless of adults, I have no doubt that they then approached him, not the other way around.

Not that I’m excusing him, or suggesting that he be let off the hook. Fa from it. I am saying, however, that, despite what one interviewee in town stated, these girls are not going to need therapy. Not because of this anyway. They needed therapy a long time before this, and it is probably way too late for it now. They should be considered exactly what they doubtless were-willing particiapants, juvenile offenders who may indeed need help, but should not be coddled.

Of course, I can’t prove any of this, and I claim to have no proof, it is just my opinion. But if I am right, and if the parents of these teens were as well willing particiapants, what they need may well best be fitted in the barrel of a gun.


Who could help being awed by the sight of twins, by triplets, as an awesome mainfestation of the miraculous power of nature? Evidently, the Everson family of Maryland made that decision when they decided to turn to the public for help with a web-site that pleaded to it’s readers to “Help the Emerson Six”-Sextuplets, four girls and two boys, new born children of a family that were in dire need of help to pay medical bills. Some of the children were in poor physical health due to being born some three months premature. They were doubtless hoping to be the benieficiaries of the publics sympathetic largesse, as many parents of multiple birth children are often presented with gifts, certificates, money, food, toys, etc. In due course of time a local Maryland tv station picked up the story.

Only thing was, it turned out to be a hoax, a sham perpetrated by the “parents” on what they hoped would be a gullible, non skepticle public. It may have worked, had the tv station not picked up the story, which brought the couple more attention, and notorieity, than they had counted on.

So much for them. They are not the point anyway, other than to ilustrate the fallacy in peoples thinking. I have always wondered at how people could so foolishly donate so much money to so many people who are so undeserving. Yes, I am talking about those parents who are legitimate parents of multile birth babies.

After all, these parents know the risks when the vast majority of them engage in fertility treatments in order to conceive children. The risk is very great that these multiple births will occur under these feritlization treaments, and more to the point,there is also a very good risk the children will have various degrees of medical problems, some of them serious. Yet, people throw money their way. Why?

Maybe I’m cold hearted, but it seems to me that, if you want to reward bad behavior, you will never have any shortage of it. Instead, why not set up a special fund to reward those parents who limit their childbirths to two or one, if you have to reward anyone at all. Make it a ten year contest, any couple who have no more than two children over a ten year period will automaticaly qualify for a 100 million dollar prize, add in a second, third and fourth prize, on down to a tenth prize of 1 million dollars, then have like a thousand lesser prizes of ten thousand dollars each. Anybody that qualifies at the end of the ten year period can submit their names in the drawing, with references to the proper documentation. The drawing will be completey random and have nothing to do with race, religion, or economic status.

But at the end of the ten year period there will be a handful more wealthy individuals who will make up, I suspect, a larger percenage of the population.

The Cleansing Power Of Ajax

Was Ajax real? Hell no. But don’t let that get in the way of a good story. It makes a good tease as the title for archaeological articles a great many might otherwise pay no attention to. Recently, an ancient palace was unearthed on the island of Miletus, some miles from the coast of Greece near Athens, attesting to the reality of the island kingdom of some formidable power during the height of Mychaenaean Greed times, which preceeded that era known as Classical greece.

Of course it has long been pretty much known that Miletus was at one time a thriving, powerful kingdom in the region during the time in question, no one ever disputed that. But this discovery is hardly proof of the existence of a giant warrior king and hero who, after falling into a quarrel with other Greek leaders during the height of the Trojan War, purportedly committed suicide.

However, something interesting seems to have transpired. Prior to the eventual fall of the Mychaenaean Kingdoms, the people of Miletus, for whatever reason, migrated to the island of Cyprus, whereupon arriving there they founded a town named after their former kingdom, which retains the name Miletus to this day.

So, is their some truth behind the symbolic story of Ajax and his demise? Was his suicide actually a coded and vaque reference to the peoples abandonment of the island? As it happens, it was mainly the aristocratic people of the island who left for Cyprus, the poorer peasants to a great extent seem to have remained behind. The reasons for the departure seems to have been due to some trouble with a foreign interloper, though this seems not to have been traced back to either the time of the “Peoples Of The Sea” (who ravaged the entire Mediterranean coast and ultimately settled in Philistea after being finally repulsed by the Egyptians) nor does it seem to coincide with the overall fall and demise of the Mychaenaean Kingdoms in general.

Who were their enemies then? The Mychaenaeans themselves? All that is known for a fact is that they dissappearred and did indeed migrate to Cyprus, as enough architectural evidence, in the way of textiles and jewelry, etc., has been found to confirm this.

As of this writing, however, no news of any giant sarcophagus. Probably after I post this I will receive some news of the discovery of the name Ajax, but I’m ready for ‘em.

AJAX : Ancient title roughly translated as a “King” or other such royal office holder of the ancient Mychaenaean city state of Miletus.

The School Of Tough Shit

The University of the Cumberlands is a Kentucky institution which has recently qualified for grants amounting to roughly ten million dollars, as decided by a recent bill which passed both houses of the legislature and now awaits the signature of Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher. The dean of the school is Dr. James Taylor, wo seems to have decided to embroil the school in controversy right at this most innorportune time. For Dr. Taylor has seen fit to suspend a sophomore of the school on the grounds that the former deans list student is gay, a fact the student revealed himself recently in a MySpace journal.

As Doctor Dean himself has explained, the school makes no secret that it holds it’s students to a higher standard than does society in general, and there are plenty of other places for students who might want to engage in the homosexual lifestyle, from San Francisco to “The Left Coast” (his words), and many others as well.

Gay and lesbian rights groups have correctly pointed out that no school that receives state money has a right to pursue any kind of a discriminatory policy in regards to any of it’s students, including as regards to their sexual orientation, but it remains to be seen whether Fletcher has enough backbone to veto the provision in the bill. On the off chance that he might, he has been presented with a petition to do just that, though he has reportedly made no decision as of yet.

As it turns out, the Governor of Kentucky has the power of the line item veto. In the unlikely event that he does find his spine, look for his decision to be challenged in federal court on the grounds of the constitutionality of the line item veto, though I don’t think the federal courts would have any standing in this matter.

Obviously, the dean of the school has made a political move as a challenge to Fletcher, who plans to run for re-election to office in November of next year, in what may well be the most closely watched off year election in the nation in quite some time.

Because of the nature of Kentucky’s gubernatorial elections, being one year ahead of the suceeding national presidential elections, it used to be said that Kentucky was a good bell weather of the current national mood. During these off year elections, if no other time, it could legitimately be said that, as goes Kentucky, so goes the nation. Hopefully, in this next coming case, that will not turn out to be down the toilet. But with the obvious propensity for close elections to be decided by a very small sliver of the voting public that vote mainly if not entirely on wedge, so called “hot button” issues, this recent action by the dean of the University of the Cumberlands might well be the latest, and possibly most ominous yet, salvo fired in the nations “culture wars.”

Because if Fletcher refuses to veto this bill, and is yet re-elected due in large part because of this decision, it might well be said that a majority of the voters of the state of Kentucky has actually voted in approval of state sanctioned discrimination agaisnt an unpopular minority group. Look then for more Republican lawmakers to utilize this issue the following year.

So goes the Republic.

Glutton For Punishment

There might be a kind of trend going around regarding women in the adult entertainment business- those dance artists and masseusses who are availiable at the dial of a telephone number and for a fee will travel to your home and put on a private show, for various amounts of money. Some of these women are well aware of the risks, I’m sure, and in order to assuage their fears they are advisd in a great many cases to keep their cell phones in reaching distance, or some kind of signalling device whereby they can signal their driver bodyguards in the event of a problem.

Everybody is of course aware of recent events at Duke University, where the members of the LaCrosse team there have recently been charged with the rape of a female dancer and stripper, a case which in addition to the rape charge has racial overtones as well. A lesser known case, an all but unknown one, in fact, occurred just recently in Northern Kentucky.

There, a Mr. Streichling of Erlanger was the sole assailallant of one girl who came to his house, whereupon he proceeded to accost her. Luckily, she had her cell phone handy, and let it be known to her waiting driver that he had broken the rules of the contract. She could touch him if she wished, but he must never lay a hand on her.

She got away from him, though it seems that he did rape her, and made it to the car of her bodyguard, wherupon Streichling pursued them both by vehicle. He was later arressted, and according to his own mother, this was not the first incident. A year before two different victims made a similar complaint, but the charges were dismissed when they decided to drop the charges.

Evidently, as of last account two more charges in addition to the latest have been filed, though it is unclear whether this is the peviously stated victims. One thing is for certain, this is obviously a dangerous profession, and may in some cases be as dangerous for the client as it is for the performer.

A good rule of thumb would seem to be, if you are going to be involved in it from either angle, keep friends close by.

Smells Like Team Spirit

I had an idea it wasn’t going to be a simple matter when I heard about the LaCosse team of Duke University being accussed of the rape of a dancer/stripper at a private party. I figured that it would be unravelled in time, but it seems to have gotten messier.

The minute race was brought into the equation, this was a guarantee that emotions were going to run high, as the alleged victim is black and the allegged perpetrators are white sutudents from upper middle class backgrounds. The fact that this event took place at Duke University, a North Carolina, and therefore southern, university, doesn’t help; despite the fact that the majority if not all the accussed asaillants may have been from mid-western and northeastern areas of the coutnry. What is particularly troubling is the accussation made by a number of other black female students who were said to be passers-by of the apartment house where the assault in question took place. According to them, a number of the white male students asaulted them with “racist language” as they passed by.

This is itself an inflammaory accussation, and if it ever does come to trial, will probably not be admitted into evidence. It doesn’t take much of a lawyer to understand the reason for this. For one thing, there is no way these “passers-by” could know if these two or three verbal assaillants to them were even members of the LaCrosse team or were visitors at that particular time, nor can they then know for sure whether they were even in the apartment during the time of the alleged assault. They certainly can’t speciify as to whether they themselves were the actual alleged rapists. Racists, yes (and even this is an unproven allegation), but the two words, while similar, are not necessarily synonomous.

I would actually be surpirsed now if there were even a trial at all, seeing as how the DNA evidence collected has ostensibly cleared all members of the Duke team of the charge of rape. The DNA, whatever it was, came from none of them. Yet, the DA, sensing a potential backlash among his African American constituents-and he is indeed up for reelection this year-has promised that he intends to proceed, that he believes that there was indeed a rape.

In the meantime, the Duke LaCrosse teams season has been cancelled, and there has been an outcry from African American and other minority and some white students demanding that justice be done. Why do I have a feeling that justice to them might well be spelled vigilante? All I’ve seen so far seems to indicate this is far from a cry for justice, and more a demand for a human sacrifice to the gods of political correctness.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Devil In The Diamond

People will and have killed for diamonds, and I don’t know why. Sure they are valuable, and so are a lot of other things for which people will and have killed, but diamonds are in a special class, all by themselves, more so arguably even than gold. And far far too long diamond merchants in Europe have turned a blind eye to the lengths that some people will go to control areas that are noted reservoirs of diamonds. I understand their value as an investment, they retain their value regardless of the state of any economy of any part of the world, or the entirety of it. Or that’s the theory anyway. It sounds like a lot of hogwash to me, in a way, but in a way it makes sense. If the world economy collapsed tomorrow, then the more diamonds you have the more likely you are to be able to purchase the necessary means of survival. Everybody would accept your diamonds as payment, knowing they would be just as good once the economy was restored, or reestablished, as they were when they were first purchased. Of course, the downside that is rarely mentioned is that you are also a mark, and you might not really be able to trust your broker in such an unprecedented situation. So you may not be so much better off after all. Therefore, the security that diamonds supposedly bring might be as much of a myth as the permanance promised by the gift of a diamond to a bride to be in the form of a engagement ring. The devil is in the details, and it might well be in the diamon as well. They have a bloody history, a history of repession, murder, intrique, and wanton savagery. All based on greed. The romance attached to them is an irony, an insulting one to the people that have toiled in slavery due to the lust for them, to the peope that have been butchered for them.

Misery, murder,despair,greed, and mayhem are kinds of energies that,when sent out and absorbed can do little in the way of good, and remember, diamonds absorb energy, but very little of that energy escapes. So in a way, wearnig a diamond might well be tantamount to attracting into your life the energy of all the negativity diamonds have inspired. No wonder so many marriages are dismal failures. No wonder so many of those failures are due to lack of communication because of self-centeredness and ego-or from financial problems. At the very least, buying a diamond is contributing to the problems and sufferrings of untold numbers of innocent victims.

Personally, I prefer sapphies anyway,or rubies, or any number of other precous stones. They can be just as valuable as an investment, and for romance and marriage. They are tainted as well, in some respects, but their history is nowhere near as dismal as that of the diamond,regardless of the hype pushed by it’s self serving promotors.

Innocent Monsters

There are thousands of West African boys right now, as we speak, whom the world would probably be well well served if they were rounded up and executed. I know that seems harsh, but so did they, when they were assaulting defenseless villagers in the nation of Sierra Leonne, hacking off arms and legs, mutilating their victims in unspeakable ways. They did all this, to countless people, on the orders of the followers of Charles Taylor, former strongman leader of Liberia. They were hopped up on cocaine when they did all this, and were purposefully addicted. The cocaine was the method of subduing them, of corrupting them, and of insuring their loyalty. The cocaine, in addition to food and shelter, was their reward for the bags of limbs they would return to their adult commanders. They showed absolutely no mercy to anyone, whether man, woman, or child, and no entreaties of mercy was sufficient to acquire any slight amount of mdiation in their cruelty, their sadism. In fact, pleas of mercy and the sight of their victims filled with terror towards them probably inspired all the more cruelty, like a vicious animal whose appetite is heightened by the smell of fear, and by the taste of blood.

Taylor of course is no longer in power and may soon face justice in the Haque, who will doubtless refuse to execute this piece of human excrement. But he should be executed, and a consortium of his surviving victims should be given the opportunity to each take a piece of him. I know it sounds barbaric. So what? This is exactly the kind of justice these kind of people understand, and it should be meted out to them, slowly. Torturously. One might make the case the death penalty doesn’t really serve as a deterrant to crime. I think it does, but even if it doesn’t, it’s beside the point. I can promise you with every damn assurance I can muster it would damn well be a deterrant to dictators that might consider using these vile and abominable methods. It would at least give them some pause.

As for the child soldiers that Taylors forces employed, in my view they are worthless now. They are worthless to themselves and they are a danger to civilized society on any continent. No, they should not be allowed to immigrate here. Yes, they are children. But once you go so far down certain roads, at any age, there is no turning back in anything like a meaningful way.

Kiss The Ass You Can Not Kick

Why should the legality or illegality of intercountry adoption of Romanian children be of concern, or a matter for debate, in the Congress of the United States? Heck if I know, but it is. Evidently, Romanian children are popular here, more than likely with white would be adoptive parents who don’t feel comfortable with the idea of adopting Southeast Asian, Indian, Latin American, or African children. Or it could be a simple matter of the overwhelming numbers of Romanian children availiale, and in dire need.

Yet, the European Union seemingly has a problem with the idea, and the ostensible reason is the prevalence of child traffciking, the implication here being the on-going child sex trade. If so, this is indeed a problem, and so it is a legitimate reason. The unspoken reality is there are doutless other reasons as well, and I tend to suspect that one of those reasons-probably, in fact, the most important one-is health concerns.

In the early 1990’s, immediately folliwng the overthrow and execution of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu and his wife Elena, it was discovered that approaching 100,000 Romanian children had been orphaned and placed into state run orphanages, dire places that were filthy and underfunded, and as a result greatly understaffed and underequipped. Over course of time there developed a need for blood transfusions, and, as fate would have it, a great many Romanian children became infected with HIV-and then full blown AIDS. This was supposed to be due to the lack of adequate care and supervision in the hospitals as to the quality of the testing for the virus.

Which of course begs the question, how many Romanian children needed blood transfusions, and why? Was there also blatant disregard for the basic rules of hygiene and sterilization techniques, to the extent that needles were infected, and rarely cleaned. Was there some degree of sexual abuse at these orphanages that resulted in aiding in the spread.

Finally, was Ceaucescu himself responsible? His wife Elena entertained pretensions of being a great scientist and researcher, though as it turns out her credentials were all “honorary”-and thus fraudulaent. Having throughout the years o ftheir misrule encouraged Romanian couples to have as many children as possible, which resulted in this horrendous number of orphans (as wel as, presumably, great number of children who were simply given up due to their parents inability to care for them) I have to wonder if the Ceaucescus might not have been involved purposefully with the Romanian AIDS epidemic. Might they have been purposefully testing possible AIDS cures and using the nations own children as guinea pigs-literally?

It would not be that unusual for them. Ceaucescu himself was always on the lookout for ways to enhance Romanian status in the world, and to this end, under his rule, Romania became the fourth largest donor of international aid in the world. He was constantly offerring his diplomatic services to such endeavors as mediation in Middle East peace talks, for example. Not a year went by that he was not nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, though this was due to the efforts of his supporters. His personailty cult was the most extensive and pervasive in all of Communist Eastern Europe, during his heyday. Even Richard Nixon made references to Ceaucescu as “the good communist”. He went out of his way to establish his personna among his people, and the world, as a maverick who would not be intimidated by the Kremlin. He would insure that Romanias interests would come first and foremost insofar as both domestic and foreign policies were concerned.

Unfortunately, his grandiose spending and totalitarianism combined to suck the life blood from Romania and it’s economy. He was in every conceivable way a modern day Romanian Dracula. Where the harshness of Vlad The Impaler may have been a necessary catharsis, however, in the face of Ottoman oppression, the repressive regime of Nicolae and Elena Ceaucescu served to set developent back by decades. Romania has yet to sufficiently recover, and as a result, there are still tens of thousands of children, at least, either in institutions, or homeless.

There should be a way for these children to be adopted while insuring that adoptive parents, here and elsewhere, are aware of the status of their health. More importantly, a fresh influx of development capital and humanitarian aid into the country,with the proper oversight, should be tantamount to solving this problem to whatever extent is possible-not just containing the problem, but solving it.

This shouldn’t even be a matter for U.S. concern. But no doubt it will become so. The nations of Europe should be at the forefront of taking the initiative to solve it. Unfortunately, much as in everything else, they are probably waiting for the U.S. to take the lead. Until we do, it looks like European policy will not be one of changing the regime of misery, but of containing it.

Citizen Hussein

Saddam was cross examined yesterday in his trial and during the course of it said that the trial and the court was illegitimate. Nothing new there, but in the meantime, John Kerry has proposed that if the Iraqis have failed to form a governemnt by May 15th, the U.S. should begin withdrawing it’s forces. Well,this might be an incentive to the Iraqi parliament, if not the people it would represent, which is just another rexample of the disconnect between the people and their leaders-seemingly as much a tradition there as it is here.

I had this strange thought. What if Saddam were to actually run for office. I’m not talking about a waste of time by trying to win the office of Prime Minister or President, of course he would be soundly defeated. But if he were to run as a delegate, a representative from some district of the Sunni Triangle, I have little doubt he would win. Of course, he would have to settle for considerably less than the 100 percent or close to it of the turnout and vote he typically engineered when he was the nations “legitimate” ruler. Still, he would probably win handily. What would be the result of that?

Well, on the up side, it would definitely insure Sunni participation, and for that matter nationally it might actually result in a legitimate 100 percent turnout. Of coruse,there would be the matter of the trial, plus the question would have to be answered, is he legally eligible to run for office. Probably not. It would, however, be a better scenario than him being broke out of prison by his supporters and reinstated as the nations President, after which it would be back to business as normal-with a vengeance.

Could that conceivably happen? If we left there prematurely, while failing to install an adequate Iraqi military and police force, yes, it could. And it will happen, eventually, if we leave without stabilizing the country. The dictators name might not necessarily be Saddam Hussein, but that’s beside the point.

The Unbelievable Proposition

The American Taliban are at it again, serving to remind me of the reason why I long ago rejected Christianity as a religion dominated by liars and hypocrits. There’s one good thing about hate merchants and fear mongers,however. When you are on the outside looking in, aghast, in amazement, you can see clearly what they are about.

A recent proposal in California would make it a law to respect homosexual rights of high school students, and would require that the gay lifestyle be presented in a positive fashion, including by pointing out the many and varied contributions to society of homosexuals over the years. I’m sure the new school proposals are not perfect, and I would almost be willing to bet that included among their provisions are items included for the benefit of poltiical correctness, and little else. I would also go so far as to be sure that there is no provision or even allowance of any criticism of any aspect of homosexuality in even the slightest way.

While I can’t say for sure what those criticisms would or should be, I am sure there are some that are legitimate if kept in the proper context and devoid of demagoguery, politicalization, and religious badgering. Little things. Obvious things. Things like, you shouldn’t walk from one class to another with your boyfriends dick in your hand and yours in his. If you fuck each other in the ass, make sure you adequately wash off your dicks, especially before gym class. Leave your gerbils at home. Your home, not theirs. Oh, yes, and of course, while I’m at it-DON’T FLAUNT YOUR SEXUALITY WHATEVER IT IS.

But to hear the scions of the Chrisitan Right tell it, this is just another sign of the decadence of America and it’s declining moral values. You would think the schools might any day now require same sex dating for experimental and educational purposes-

Well,okay, I admit that wouldn’t be to me a surprise in some areas, San Francisco, Berkeley, et al. comes to mind. But until this is actually suggested, and proposed, then the Chrisitan Right should keep mum about such matters, especially when it comes to insinuating, and outright warning, that this is what the “radical gay lobby” has planned. No, the CristianRight has not done this yet, but give it time. What it has done,however, is bad enough, in fact, just as bad, and more to the point, it is an outright lie.

School bathrooms and lavatories, they insist, will if this proposition is passed into law, become gender neutral, for the sake of gays, lesbians, and-get this now-TRANSGENDERED STUDENTS.

All right now, to begin with-is there even such an animal as a transgendered high school student? Are we just talking about cross dressers? No, the implication is that there is an appreciable number or at least a small amount, of high school students that have undergone sex change operations, or are in the process of doing so, and as such are in need of bathroom facilities where they can feel comfortable. Seeing as how they are in the throes of the most life changing experience imaginable, I guess the implication is they wouldn’t feel comfortable in either facility for male or female, so therefore a special category should be estsblished just for them. Yet, rather than putting them on the spot by relegating them to a separate though equal facility, by making all such facilities gender neutal then no one is treated in non-discriminatory way.

Of course this is a lot of hogwash, and the purveyors of this obscene fantasy on the Christian Right know it is. They also know that a vast number of their parishioners, if not the majority of them, are stupid enough to believe it. No surprise there, most religous leaders think most of their parishioners are either uneducated morons, superstitous retardos, or educated idiots. I learned that quite long ago. This, however, is the culmination of years of belief through blind faith in the utterly absurd. Most followers simply stop thinking for themselves and using common sense, and their leaders become cocky and soon go way too far for any sane person to take them seriously. This is a prime example of that.

For one thing, I seriously doubt that it is legal, in California or anywhere, for an underaged child to undergo a sex change operation with or without parental consent, so the number of transgendered high school students are probably-well, none. If it is not illegal it damn well should be. Most high school students don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain if they can think of a trite enough reason to stay out in it. That is the reason why most states maintain the drinking age at 21, and those few that might have it younger than that find themselves in serious danger of losing federal highway funding. That is the reason why the legal voting age in America used to be 21 as well, and why in my opinion it should be so again. That is why campus military recruiters purposely target high school kids to join at the age of 18-because they are stupid enough to join at that age in greater numbers than if they wait until they’re twenty one to where they can actually, my God, think rationally about the potential consequences.

So all this crap that the Christian Right have been circulating the last few days about this California school proposition is a lot of nonsense meant to elicit an emotional knee jerk response from their followers. And it will probably work, I can just see them now collectively fuming at the thought that their little Johnny and Susie might actually have to be nice to a sinful, demon possessed queer, and worse, the schools are about to become a present day Sodom and Gomorrah, where boys and girls and everything in between are all forced to share the same bathroom-and learning to like it. And if they complain, they might be prosecuted for hate crimes. Their children might be removed from their homes on some made up charge of child abuse. Some of them will be stomping around the house,hitting the walls. And opening their wallets to contribute to this idiotic, demagogic, fear mongering campaign.

Like I said, I don’t know everything about the propoisition in it’s entirety. There could well be aspects that are worthy of criticism. But when it’s opponents get to the point of making shit up about it, I have to wonder just how bad it can really be.

Family Values And The Department of Homeland Security

The latest drama from the Bush Administration should be the last straw for anybody that considers the recent obvious and flagrant episodes of corruption to be relatively isolated incidents and not indicative of an overall systemic problem. Yet, while a former child porn “star” has been berating the Congress for not acting quickly or adequately enough to solve the rampant problem of child sex abuse as pertains to internet pornography, yet another member of the Bush Administration, an assistant press secretary for the Department of Homeland Security,has been busted for solicitation of sex from what he thought was a fourteen year old girl, but turned out to be an undercover agent. A clue, idiot-just because somebody puts a profile on an inernet site doesn’t necessarily mean they are telling you the truth, they may in fact lie about at least some things, like, well, let’s see now, maybe-THEIR FUCKING AGE??

In the meantime, yet another high ranking official from the same Department of Homeland Security was busted for exposing himself at a Florida mall. I mean, really, these are the people who are entrusted with protecting the country from terrorists, and on the one hand, they are engaging in the most vile and obscene criminal act imaginable, and on the other hand, these great terror warriors who are supposed to be intelligence agents are lured into walking right into this with their eyes-and in some cases their zippers-wide open.

I guess it should have sent off warning signals after all when Jeff Gannon, a male escort and scion of a homosexual porn site, was granted a press pass to White House press briefings where he was allowed to ask leading questions of a complimentary nature meant to put a good face on Administration policies. Yeah,some face. I used to shake my head with derision when the story was circulated that Gannon was actually in real life a Jeff Guckert, who was abducted as a child while on the course of his rounds delivering newspapers, and had been raised to be a male prostitute by those who abducted him. From there, it developed that there was actually a ring of these people,with White House connections.

Suddenly, the story doesn’t seem quite so absurd.